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Choosing Asphalt Paving in New Jersey For Your Driveway.

Thinking about commercial or residential paving? NVN Paving is the best paving company in New Jersey and its environs to giving you the best paving solution with Asphalt. We, believe that with a good driveway paving, your driving life becomes easier and more comfortable. In the long run, you are relieved of the regular maintenance of your pavement and vehicle tires. We are based in New Jersey, Bergen, and Passaic.

Asphalt Paving in New Jersey.

Have you been making smooth zig zags on your driveway to avoid cracks and potholes? Well, asphalt might just be what you need to straighten your way in and out of home. It suffices to say that asphalt is flexible, cost-effective and quick to install. This saves your time and gives you the peace of mind. The campaign for asphalt paving has gone far and beyond expectations. Most car owners have realized its durability and little maintenance for long term plans. Asphalt is a mixture of stone, sand and tar heated to bring about just what your driveway needs. In just a span of 3 days, you can resume using your driveway with the asphalt partially cured. You only need to avoid making sharp turns to avoid its damage.

Asphalt Paving VS Concrete Paving

Asphalt and concrete paving are always snapping their heels behind each other in this competition. These two materials are the most widely used as compared to tiles and bricks. That said, we shall compare these two and understand why asphalt is leading.

  • Flexibility-When it comes to cracking, concrete is more prone compared to asphalt.
  • Cost-Asphalt is cheaper in making and installing compared to concrete.
  • Strength-During winter, asphalt is less prone to rock salt and ice melt damage.
  • Repair and fixes-You can easily fix asphalt yourself using sealants while concrete can only be done by an expert.

It’s for these reasons that asphalt paving has gained favor in the market. The most obvious advantage of asphalt is that it’s smoother to drive on compared to concrete.

Install Asphalt Paving in New Jersey.

Asphalt installation is done when it’s in molten state. First the base preparation is done. Thereafter, it takes 3-40 days to completely dry and allow complex kind of driving modes e.g. drifting. Before this time, the asphalt needs time and drifting and making sharp turns may interfere with it. We, NVN Paving have specialized experts to render the best installation services. If mistakes are done during installation, the asphalt’s service life will be cut short. This means that maintenance costs will come earlier than expected. For this reason, allow us to do the work at a pocket friendly consideration. We also have decades of experience for guaranteed quality delivery. We live the driveway better, smoother and beautiful to look at. If you need something to surprise your visitors, this is it.

Best Time To Install Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is best installed during warm seasons e.g. summer. As said earlier, it is poured in molten state and needs time and constantly warm temperature to harden slowly. Spring is also a good time to install asphalt in your driveways. Wet asphalt can easily be affected by harsh weather conditions and roughly flowing water. This may cause the driveway to be bumpy irregular and sometimes uneven. Winter is thus never a good time for asphalt installation. The dynamics of temperature and thickness of asphalt are to be considered. For this reason you need a certified contractor to handle this job. Mistakes are consequential. NVN Paving has competent contractors to handle this. Our experience has handed us the clout for decades now.

Asphalt Repair in New Jersey

The life of an asphalt driveway totally depends on its installation. Its base especially defines how soon maintenance calls will come. For this reason, the base has to be made stable to keep the asphalt firm and durable. Asphalt is damaged by plants. This is however not so common but bamboo is one plant to keep far from asphalt driveways. NVN Paving has the best repair technicians. We repair asphalt in the most convenient way. This helps you still use the driveway while it’s still under repair. We fix asphalt driveways to keep them in good condition for a long time.