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nvn paving logoPremium Paving Contractor in New Jersey

Pavement is all around us, yet we often overlook it as we move through our daily lives and busy schedules.

While it is easy to look past something you encounter every day, it is not so simple to do that when you realize its gravity in your reality.

Asphalt is a material that makes up nearly all of our roadways and highways – allowing everyone in NJ to commute wherever they need to. Without quality asphalt, we would all have issues pulling into our driveways, getting to work, operating our businesses, etc.

asphalt paversHighly Recommended for Home & Business Owners

The construction and creation of asphalt in the masonry and pavement industry is done with honesty and integrity.

Having nicely paved roads, driveways, and parking areas are all projects we don’t always adhere to, but a service that is essential to living.

When you suddenly notice that your driveway is cracked or sunken in, your parking lot is worn out, or you want to preserve a school asphalt top for students to play on – hiring a local paving company in Wayne, NJ, is the only solution.

estimated costFree Estimates for Your New Asphalt Driveway or Parking Lot

NVN Paving in NJ is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured paving contractorfamily-owned, uniquely operated, and proud to service their community.

We offer free estimates on asphalt and concrete paving services to ensure you get the most reasonable price and that your parking lot, roadway, or driveway looks as good as you will feel upon the project completion date!

When searching for “paving companies near me” within the NJ area, requesting free estimates will allow you to compare and contrast your asphalt needs against your working budget.

This will help align the project to your financial boundaries. You will also be able to get a good feel for the paving businesses, treating the quote process as an interview for services.

customer communicationPaving Contractors With Industrial Strength and Superb Customer Service

Pricing is not always a determining factor in the paving business – the crew you stick with should exhibit quality knowledge, skills, and exemplary customer service to assist throughout the process!

Give us a challenge, and we will show up to the job site with the experience and skills necessary to put other NJ pavement companies to shame.

asphalt paving new jersey
Providing reliable asphalt paving services across New Jersey for decades

nvn pavingReliable Residential Paving Company Services in Wayne, NJ

Our NJ homes are some of the most sacred places in our world.

They are meant to be a safe, comfortable, and secure place where we can find peace, no matter what happens in our lives.

They are the property where memories are made, quality time is spent with family, and delicious meals are made – where you can rest, gain perspective, get active, or chill out.

Our driveways, walkways, patios, and every pavement area in or around our property line should always compliment our household and uplift the curb appeal of our home.

driveway repaving
Is your driveway showing its age? Don’t waste time and call NVN Pavers today!

improve driveway appearanceAre You In Need of a New Driveway?

Driveway paving is not something every residential homeowner will understand, but it is definitely something you may need to prioritize. If you are in the market for a new driveway because your existing driveway just isn’t complimenting the property, it is aging poorly, or perhaps its sub-base is damaged beyond the point of repair.

Get your free estimate to understand better the pricing associated with the project and begin planning your updated asphalt driveway; maybe even include patio pavers while you’re at it!

Schedule a crew for the job NVN Paving in Wayne, NJ, offers premium and professional concrete and asphalt driveway paving services and provides a team of specialists to ensure this driveway elevates your home and increases the value of your property.

Driveways are used often, daily; because of this, they are exposed to the elements, humans, vehicles, etc.

All of this establishes regular wear and tear; in time, the material becomes more and more vulnerable to damage.

Asphalt paving supplies long-term and durable solutions for your home.

asphalt repair
Asphalt repair, including smoothening any bumps, comes as standard

repair driveway damageResidential Asphalt Repair

When you end up with cracking that needs filling, root cracks, rutting, peeling, or even potholes on your asphalt driveway, it’s time to lean on the pros!

NVN NJ pavers offer repairs on any damage your asphalt endures – no job is too big or small for our service.

Every project is treated with care and tailored to the customer’s needs.

As a local paving business in NJ, it is our job to ensure that we are paving our client’s needs, and with repairs or drive restoration – a crew will first come in to inspect the project, determine the essentials, and offer free estimates accordingly.

Once the estimate has been reviewed, a team of pavers will complete the repair services to perfection, recreating your driveway so that you have solid ground to walk, run, play, and drive on!

driveway sealing nj
Driveway sealing will restore your driveway to it’s original, fresh form

sealingSeal Coating Your Existing Driveway to Perfection

If you are hoping to avoid potentially costly repairs, it is a wise idea to seal driveway after construction and installation.

Seal coating provides your driveway project with an extra insurance policy and complete protection from the elements, vehicles, liquids, people, etc.

A professional paving contractor must complete this as it requires special equipment, background knowledge, proper licensing, and the materials to coat the asphalt surface.

When you commit to coating your driveway, you are getting the following benefits:

  • Prolong the average lifespan of your driveway by offering a filler surface above the asphalt.
  • Saves you money on the possibility of costly repairs.
  • Protects the general look and color of your asphalt driveway.
  • Helps to melt snow and ice during the Winter months.
  • Creates a more flexible and durable asphalt surface that will be easier to clean!
Smoothening asphalt
Ensuring a smooth and flat finish for your residential asphalt driveway

pavement repair iconHigh-Quality Work & Maintenance Options for Your Asphalt Driveway

While driveway seal coating is one way to keep up with the look and quality of your asphalt, regular maintenance is necessary, too!

You should always keep a close eye and regularly inspect the driveway; since this is your residence, you will likely notice any changes quicker than the average eye.

If you see any cracking or debris, do your best to clean up the area routinely and contact your local asphalt specialists for crack sealing.

Any standing water or fluids should be removed and dried, as they can seep into the deeper layers of the surface.

Preventative maintenance will give you an extra hand in keeping your driveway in its best condition, and if you need assistance, call your favorite asphalt paving company for further assistance!

commercial paving asphalt parking lot
Commercial asphalt paving for your business is available with NVN Paving

commercial business paving servicesTrustworthy Commercial Paving Solutions in New Jersey

Not all asphalt companies can service a business owner with commercial masonry requests.

NVN Paving in Wayne, NJ, is dedicated to providing your business with industrial strength, total mastery, and professional paving construction!

It is our priority to pave the road forward and create a space where your business can flourish and truly enjoy.

Pavement Company Wayne, NJ
Providing state-of-the-art paving at cost effective rates!

parking lot asphalt pavingAsphalt Parking Lot Installation & Repair

Looking for commercial asphalt repair in Wayne, NJ? Look no further than this family-owned company!

NVN Pavers is committed to providing NJ business owners with simple and comprehensive paving solutions. B

eing a business owner means putting your company first and showing off the best side of what you have to offer the community and your customers.

Our commercial asphalt paving services are top-notch, as we will always prioritize your company as if it were our own.

NVN offers the following commercial asphalt installation and repair options:

  • Installation or replacement for parking lot areas, patios, drive-thrus, loading dock areas, playgrounds, roadways, etc.
  • General and pothole repairs for your parking lot or commercial asphalt surface.
  • Milling.
  • Crack sealing.
  • Sealcoating.
asphalt commercial paving
Asphalt is cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing for businesses

commercial pavingCommercial Asphalt Maintenance Services

NVN Paving is a company that strives to supply our commercial clients with all of their needs.

Whether you have recently laid down a new asphalt surface or are attempting to keep up with one, it is typically an extensive project to take on yourself.

Seal-coating parking lots is a significant part of maintaining your business curb appeal. Still, you must also commit to regular inspections, cleanings, general maintenance of minor repairs, etc.

Regularly scheduled upkeep of your asphalt will help extend its general life expectancy, maintain the appearance of your asphalt, prevent major repairs before they occur, and protect you against the elements and water pooling or damage. Bring in NVN to complete your scheduled maintenance and keep the integrity of your asphalt surfaces for your business or businesses!

nvn paving faq
Let us know if you have any unanswered questions and we’ll be happy to address!

faqPaving Contractors Most Frequently Asked Questions

Asking your paving contractors questions before swapping your old driveway or front porch for something new will give you the answers you need to decide your masonry needs. Almost every paver answers these questions in providing the initial estimate for the job.

long driveway new jersey

cost effectiveWhat is the average cost of a new driveway in the NJ area?

Having a new blacktop driveway paved may have you wondering about the costs associated.

Everyone has to budget for large household projects, and asphalt paving is something to prioritize!

When you are considering a new paving project, budgeting for the entire process is something every household has to contemplate and understand before agreeing to solutions.

Preparation for something like this is a big deal, and making sure you are ready for it and can take everything on is a part of the project.

Your driveway’s final price will depend entirely on the project’s size and scale and the type of asphalt chosen for the job.

Still, basic driveway paving typically ranges from $3,000 to $6,500.

This is a range again, and it is best to consult with a paving professional to get all the specs and an itemized breakdown of the costs associated with the project!

cracked concrete driveway

concrete iconIs asphalt better than concrete?

This is an age-old debate that asphalt and concrete companies have been privy to for decades.

While the answer can and will always vary depending on who you are asking and personal preference, there is a use for both materials, and they both have pros and cons!

Concrete is durable but will not be flexible, which means cracking is easy in cooler temperatures; however, maintenance is relatively easy!

Asphalt offers a less expensive option for your surfaces; it is incredibly durable, flexible, and long-lasting with the correct maintenance.

Asphalt must be resurfaced to maintain the color and typical appearance, but overall, you can expect it to last over 30 years!

There is a reason asphalt is used for the majority of our public roads and highways, so it is the perfect choice for your next project!

types of asphalt
Asphalt is derived from many recycled elements, making it far less wasteful than alternative paving mediums

RecyclableIsn’t asphalt terrible for the environment?

Asphalt has dealt with pesky rumors about its material, and asphalt paving has been said to be bad for the Earth, but quite the contrary is true!

Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, making it one of the most eco-friendly options for residential or commercial paving needs.

It is pushing toward allowing the industry and other industries to use less non-renewable resources!

Asphalt is the right choice if you are looking for an affordable, Earth-positive, sustainable pavement option that also helps reduce emissions and light pollution!

commercial paving services new jersey
Parking lots, footpaths, and driveways are all areas of NVN Paving’s expertise! Leave it to the professionals.

DIYCan I DIY an asphalt driveway or parking area?

While doing things yourself seems to rise as people are hoping to find more affordable ways of completing home improvement and office upgrades, paving is not in the cards.

To properly pave a driveway or any asphalt surface, you must know precisely what you are doing. This requires the proper equipment, handling, safety procedures, etc.

You will have to leave any kind of paving up to the experts, and NVN offers NJ residents and business owners accessible, reasonable, and reliable paving solutions!

Asphalt paving Wayne nj

nvn paving logoNVN Paving in Wayne, New Jersey: Meeting All of Your Asphalt Needs

Searching for the best paving contractors in Passaic County isn’t difficult when you have NVN Paving in your neighborhood or nearby.

Our pavement pros are dedicated to cultivating a new way to pave the streets, driveway, and parking areas of New Jersey by offering clients comprehensive options that cater to their wants and needs.

Paving projects should never be a stressful event, and in providing friendly technicians, reliable services, and a customer care department to back it all up – NVN is pushing forward to make every experience positive and stress-free!

nvn contact us
Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote!

call us todayCall Us Today for the Best Price on Your Asphalt Paving

Are you ready to start paving? Your free quote and initial consultation are only a phone call away with NVN!

Our pavement experts are ready and available to begin the process and walk you through the procedures until the project is completed. Contact us today to access our premium asphalt paving solutions!

customer satisfaction
We always strive to provide our customers with the best paving work you can find in New Jersey. Check out some of our recent reviews!

nvnpaving best contractorsWhat Our New Jersey Customers Have to Say

personaUpgrading Commercial Parking Lots In New Jersey

“As a business owner in Wayne, NJ, I hold my company to high standards.

Putting our best foot – and pair of shoes – forward and showing the community we are a professional business is crucial to our success.

Our parking lot area was pretty worn down, and it was time we paved a new one.

After gaining a complimentary quote from NVN Paving and meeting with the owner, we felt our business was in great hands.

The outcome was better than we could have ever expected, and I now feel proud to welcome clients to our storefront!” – Elizabeth W.

personaDesperate for a New Driveway off Lake Rd

“We were in the middle of building our dream home, but to put the final touches on everything, constructing a new driveway was necessary.

We ended up hiring on NVN Paving to get the job done, and we were blown away with the end result!

Their crew of paving experts did an excellent job of creating our driveway.

We are so happy we chose asphalt and even more joyous that we chose NVN. We will definitely be using them to follow up with a final coat this Fall and continued preventative maintenance!” – Kristen N.

personaTop-Notch Asphalt Driveway Paving in the Elmwood Park Area

“My home’s driveway was literally at the end of the road.

I needed to tear it up and put in something new fast. Luckily, a neighbor recommended NVN pavers, and I could schedule them quickly.

Upon their inspection and initial consultation, they suggested making repairs versus a new installation!

The team did a fabulous job, and I would highly recommend their business to all my friends and neighbors!” – Mark S.

personaSeal Coating Success Story in Lincoln Park

“I recently had my driveway repaired but wasn’t completely satisfied with the services.

I was looking for a further way to protect the surface, so I began Googling for a paving business near me, which always felt overwhelming.

I ran across Williams Paving LLC & WB Paving, but ultimately, I landed on NVN.

Their team came in to seal coat my driveway, and I couldn’t be more excited with the results.

They provided the highest quality work, excellent customer service, and even followed up to check in on me.

I will certainly be using them for all of my asphalt needs!” – Ryan S.

personaUrgent Driveway Repairs Needed in Wayne, NJ

“With all the cracking that had taken place on my driveway last Winter, I had been putting off the project to complete my Belgium blocks in the backyard.

Things had gotten too far out of hand, and luckily, I found NVN pavers to get the job done.

Their service was quick, professional, and highly efficient.

I highly recommend their driveway paving repair services to my neighbors in Wayne, NJ, and the surrounding towns.” – Kayla M.