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Emergency Asphalt Repairs New Jersey

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Asphalt is a versatile, durable, and inexpensive product, which is why many business owners and homeowners alike rely on this impressive paving material for their driveways and parking lots.

After years of repeated use and exposure to the elements, asphalt repairs often become necessary, which is where we can help.

Let one of the best paving companies in Bergen County help you tackle your emergency blacktop repair!

residential asphalt
Residential emergency asphalt services

parking lot asphalt pavingSigns You Need Emergency Asphalt Repair

Did you know that many parking lots can last decades with proper care? Conversely, if you don’t correctly care for parking lots, the asphalt can deteriorate in as little as five years.

Proper care starts with recognizing an emergency, and here are some instances when you need to contact Passaic County paving contractors ASAP:

Large Potholes

With so many distractions, it is understandable that distracted drivers wouldn’t notice a small crack or slight damage, that is, until it becomes a massive pothole!

Potholes pose risks to pedestrians and can lead to car damage that you can be liable for. Contact us immediately to fill those nasty small potholes before they become serious hazards to other drivers.

fresh asphalt
Asphalt consists of several materials which all contribute to its quality. Be sure to work only with pavers who use the best!

Severe Cracks or Asphalt Heaving

When water becomes trapped under the asphalt, it will continuously freeze and thaw throughout winter and spring, leading to severe cracks and heaving, which occurs when it juts out, creating a tripping hazard and unnecessary damage to vehicles.

damaged catch basinDamaged Catch Basins

Otherwise known as storm drains, catch basins redirect water into the sewer system. Damaged basins lead to pooling and, in the worst-case scenario, flooding.

Unfortunately, if the parking lot paving is severely damaged, simple repairs won’t suffice. In this case, contact NVN Paving to schedule an emergency repair!

types of asphalt
Safe Asphalt Paving Services

Tips for Increasing Parking Lot Safety

You must increase parking lot safety to protect your clients and customers as a business owner. You must also seek emergency asphalt repair and adequately care for your asphalt between maintenance appointments. Here are a few tips:

Prevent Theft and A Fender Bender by Creating a Well-Lit Area

A poorly lit parking lot leads to preventable theft, backup incidents, and phone calls to insurance companies.

As a general rule, install one 15 to 20-foot pole for every two to four parking spots in the lot. Use LED bulbs to cut down on your costs.

parking lot stripes
Whether it’s parking spaces or pedestrian walkways, parking lot line striping should be evenly spaced and carefully executed

Directional Arrows to Direct Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic

Maintain and repaint your directional arrows to ensure vehicles and pedestrians understand who has the right of way. Repaint those arrows and lines on parking spaces at least every two years.

commercial business paving servicesVisible Stop Signs and Yield Signs

Tens of thousands of fender benders and parking lot accidents occur each year, and often, these unavoidable incidents can be prevented when the lanes are marked, and there are clearly visible stop and yield signs.

overhead car park layout
There is no shortage of commercial parking lots in New Jersey. Having clear and precise line striping for parking vehicles is important

parking space linesLine Stripping for a Better Sight

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of your New Jersey parking lot is paramount, and line stripping plays a critical role in achieving this.

Clearly defined parking spots significantly reduce the chances of traffic confusion and accidents, making navigation through the lot straightforward and stress-free.

Moreover, vivid and well-maintained line stripping is vital for visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions or during night-time.

When drivers can easily discern their parking spot, traffic flow remains smooth, and the risk of minor collisions decreases substantially.

weatherproofing asphalt water drainage
Asphalt which allows rainwater to drain away rather than cause surface pooling, is essential

Types of Emergency Asphalt Repairs in Winter

New Jersey winters can be downright brutal. Emergencies can happen even when the temps are below freezing and your asphalt parking lot is covered in snow.

When you hire commercial asphalt paving services in winter, these are three common techniques paving contractors in New Jersey will use, depending on the type of damage and repair:

Cold Patch Repairs

Ideal for small cracks and minor damage, these fast repairs require an asphalt mixture and a tamp. Thin layers are applied, each tamped down to eliminate air pockets.

asphalt pavers
Providing asphalt repair and repaving for Bergenfield NJ residents

Infrared Asphalt Restoration

Ideal for potholes and major cracks in a parking lot, the infrared machine heats the asphalt mixture before it is poured into the pothole. The pavers from NVN Paving will then rake the mixture smoothly.

Heated Crack Repair

This type of asphalt repair requires heating the damaged area before applying a cold mixture or blacktop crack filler. Superheating the ground helps create a stronger bond.

Whether you opt for heated crack repair or infrared restoration or require a quick and straightforward cold patch, the team at NVN Paving can handle any type of concrete repair in New Jersey!

pavement repairs nj
Pavement repairs made easy!

Our Customers Also Ask

What are the safety tips for parking lots?

There are several simple things you can do to remain vigilant and safe in a parking lot, including:

  • Remain in your designated lanes instead of cutting across the lot
  • Move slowly and watch your blind spots when parking or approaching parking garages
  • Stay alert, especially if there are many drivers in the parking lot
  • Be aware of other drivers and stay on high alert when backing up, as nearly 10% of pedestrian deaths occur when someone is backing up
  • Maintain a slow speed until you exit onto the highway
parking lot paving
Unsurprisingly, our most popular service for businesses is parking lot paving

What is the parking lot safety checklist?

You’ve pulled off the open road into a parking lot. How do you stay safe now? Follow this simple checklist:

  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Use caution when walking from your car through the lot
  • Walk around your car and look through the windows before reentering
  • Store your valuables in a center console or glovebox

How do you walk safely in a parking lot?

Never lose focus, which means putting your smartphone down. Head to the nearest crosswalk and look both ways several times. Watch for icy patches during winter and stay in illuminated areas.

What kind of a risk is a parking lot?

Unfortunately, you are more at risk of being struck by a passing vehicle in a parking lot than anywhere else. Stay vigilant, remain in crosswalks, and if you feel unsafe, pull out your phone and dial 911 immediately.