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If you’re a New Jersey homeowner, it is not if but when you will need the services of excellent Passaic County Paving Contractors. From new cement walkways to a beautiful backyard masonry patio, concrete contractors can manage any job, big or small.

Whatever construction contractors you interview or hire, you should expect the businesses to be skilled, efficient, friendly, and ready to understand your vision and execute the project with professionalism.

At NVN Paving, we have the experience, know-how, and expertise to complete any concrete project artfully. From the initial estimate to the final professional walkthrough of your walkways, driveways, and stairs, we will be there to answer any questions you might have about your home improvement project.

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Discover Premier Concrete Contractors in New Jersey

There are hundreds of paving companies throughout New Jersey, but what makes NVN Paving stand out from the rest and earn the title of best Paving Company in Bergen County, NJ? The answer is simple: Our attention to detail.

Experience Top-Notch Concrete Services with a Personal Touch

At NVN, we believe in treating our customers like family. That is why when you work with our fantastic team of concrete contracting experts, you can look forward to partnering with an impressive team of artisans and craftspeople – Whether you need simple repairs or are ready to upgrade every walkway on your property.

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Your Go-To Concrete Contractor for Every Project

The start of any home improvement project is research. You need to find concrete contractors that fit your hectic schedule, meet your budgetary needs, and realize your vision.

You can save yourself a bunch of grief and time spent delving into the backgrounds of multiple concrete contractors and hire the world-class team at NVN Paving instead.

From Driveways to Patios, We Deliver Excellence!

After receiving your free estimate on your driveway, patio, or walkway projects, you will be assigned a contractor. Rest assured that the contractor is well-trained and your go-to source of answers to all your burning project-related questions.

NVN Paving is one of the best concrete companies in New Jersey because we hire exceptional people who will work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled results.

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Comprehensive Concrete Services in New Jersey

Concrete is a core material in multiple home improvement projects, from new foundation footings on a residential basement concrete project to replacement sidewalks for your commercial apartment complex.

Whatever the size and scope of your investment, you can rest assured the team at NVN Paving will have the concrete solutions you require.

Tailored Solutions for Residential and Commercial Needs

Our personalized services are heads above the rest, and if you have worked with any other concrete contractors in New Jersey before, you will notice the difference.

No matter what your unique needs, we offer a wide variety of services, including:

Stamped Concrete

If you like the look of natural stone or wood patio pavers but don’t want to pay a high markup, you will love the appearance of stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete pavers can be personalized and installed for far less than other high-priced materials in NJ.

Pool Decks

Is your concrete pool deck looking drab, stained, or is it so worn it poses a serious hazard?

Let our team of experts suggest a few improvements that will make your pool more elegant, functional, and safer.

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Concrete Patios

Nothing compares to enjoying a family barbeque or romantic date night on your NJ backyard concrete patio.

Our construction contractors offer concrete resurfacing services if your current patio is structurally sound but looks worse for wear.

Concrete Pavement

Speak to one of our contractors if you want to learn more about the advantages of concrete pavement sidewalks.

Concrete is the material of choice for several reasons, including its versatility, durability, and longevity.

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Concrete Driveway

A concrete pavement driveway is an excellent alternative to asphalt, especially in New Jersey, because it can withstand the heat of a blistering East Coast summer while remaining functional throughout a typical New Jersey winter.

Colored Concrete

You love the positive qualities of concrete, but there is one thing standing between you and calling the pros at NVN Paving to install your concrete driveway, patio, or sidewalk: The color.

Many homeowners aren’t unaware that concrete can be dyed in almost any hue imaginable if you want something more vibrant than the traditional gray color!

Drainage and Stormwater Control

Proper drainage is critical for a concrete driveway or commercial parking lot.

We offer concrete wastewater solutions for your NJ house or business, including catch basins.

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Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete is a rugged, durable material, making it perfect for New Jersey retaining walls.

NVN Paving is well-versed and knowledgeable concerning New Jersey’s structural erosion and retaining wall laws and ordinances.

ADA-Compliant Ramps

The construction of concrete ramps is our specialty, and our team is well-trained and follows all required ADA compliance.

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Concrete is tougher and holds greater longevity than asphalt, making it ideal for sidewalks and driveways

Elevate Your Project with Professional Concrete Pumping

Our company offers concrete pumping, the most efficient way to mix and pour your concrete driveway, sidewalk, basement, or foundation.

Efficiency and Quality in Every Pour

One of the best parts of working with professionals is access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment, including industrial concrete pumps and mixers.

These precision tools allow our team to pour your New Jersey driveway or sidewalks much faster and with greater accuracy.

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Concrete paving done well!

Choose a Trusted Concrete Company in New Jersey

The name “NVN Paving” has become synonymous with exemplary customer service, customer satisfaction, and quality work.

Whether you want a new driveway or require a straightforward foundation crack repair, our team will respond to any request with unmatched service.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Our family-owned business based in Bergen County combines the experience of traditionally trained contractors and the benefits of technology to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Transform Your Landscape with Retaining Walls

Retaining walls don’t only need to be functional; they can also be an aesthetic addition to your property’s landscaping.

For a high-end finished product, we recommend the style and durability of a stamped concrete retaining wall for your residential property.

Durable, Aesthetic Solutions by Expert Contractors

Concrete is first and foremost known for its durability. Just because you’re choosing concrete doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less aesthetically pleasing finished product.

On the contrary, modern colored and stamped concrete driveways, patios, and walkways will not only last for decades but also enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior and landscaping.

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Enhance Your Property with Beautiful Stamped Concrete

Are you considering putting your home on the market, but your curb appeal is lacking? Stamped concrete is the best way to add an upscale look to your home’s exterior without breaking the bank.

Imagine being able to mimic the look of upscale hardscaping materials but for a fraction of the cost your neighbors paid for their natural stone patio?!

Custom Designs That Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Concrete is one of the most versatile hardscaping materials that can very easily be customized to fit your backyard landscape’s theme or aesthetic.

From classic rustic to high-end modern, concrete can be stamped, colored, and manipulated to work with any style.

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Is your driveway showing its age? Don’t waste time and call NVN Pavers today!

A Family-Owned Business Committed to Excellence

If you need to replace your driveway, install a new parking lot adjacent to your apartment complex, or simply want a small patio to sit and enjoy your morning coffee, rely on a hometown team that understands the needs of New Jersey residents.

Building Strong Relationships Through Quality Workmanship

Our artistry speaks for itself, and more than anything, we are committed to creating a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Whether you need a new driveway or a simple concrete crack repair, we provide all our customers with the same level of quality service.

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Where Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Above all else, when you hire the fantastic team at NVN, you can rest assured that your total satisfaction as one of our valued clients is a top priority!

Please take advantage of our years of experience and access to quality materials to make your New Jersey backyard and driveway stand out from your neighbors!

Join Our Community of Happy Homeowners in New Jersey

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Check out our client reviews – they speak for themselves!

Serving NJ with Pride and Precision

If you are looking for the best NJ concrete contractors, look no further than the talented team at NVN.

We take great pride in our work and guarantee you’ll be delighted with the final results of your New Jersey concrete project.

Local Experts in Concrete Craftsmanship Ready to Assist You

Concrete contractors are standing by to beautify your New Jersey backyard. If you are tired of your drab driveways or dingy sidewalks, let our NJ team provide all the concrete services you require, from concrete pumping to sealing the finished product.

Expanding Our Services to South Jersey Soon

In addition to paved driveways, walkways, and patios, we offer various concrete services guaranteed to meet all your needs, including concrete repair, catch basin repair, asphalt repair, and preventative maintenance.

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People Also Ask

Is a concrete driveway cheap?

Concrete is far more cost-effective than other options for your home. Talk to a concrete contractor in New Jersey for a free estimate on the construction of your new driveway.

Is a concrete driveway worth the money?

Concrete is dependable, durable, lasts several decades, and is easily maintained. If you aren’t sure if asphalt or concrete is the better option, contact one of our construction professionals for a free estimate and timeframe for your job.

Is concrete or asphalt better for a parking lot?

A concrete contractor from NVN Paving can help you understand the pros and cons of each product, allowing you to make a far more informed decision concerning your commercial parking lot project.

Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, asphalt can withstand harsh New Jersey winters, while concrete is a low-maintenance product that will last for multiple decades when properly cared for.

When should I be worried about concrete cracks?

A concrete contractor would tell you the best time to repair concrete cracks in your property is at the first sign of damage. However, in reality, you can call a repair or construction company when there are multiple cracks, the masonry cracks are several inches deep, or they are beginning to spread.

How do you repair damaged concrete?

There are several cracks in your sidewalk or basement floor. You assume that this is a simple DIY repair because kits are available at your local hardware store.

In reality, because a house’s look and structural integrity are so important, the repairs on your NJ home should be left to a professional construction or concrete repair company.

Concrete is the ideal material for your backyard patio. If you don’t like the look of a flatwork slab, opt for a stamped concrete patio for your NJ house instead. Concrete is also the ideal material for almost every other construction job, as well.

Which is cheaper, concrete patio or pavers?

If you want to keep the costs of your construction project to a minimum, choose concrete over pricey patio pavers. Remember, stamped concrete looks like expensive pavers but for far less.