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Professional Parking Lot Striping

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A Parking Lot is Just Another Pavement Without Line Striping

To residents of New Jersey, a parking lot is just a place you go to park your car and then get to the destination you originally intended on visiting.

Still, once you end up in a parking lot with unclear line striping, faded handicap spaces, and other factors – the lot becomes a point of contention and confusion.

A blacktop, concrete, or asphalt surface without line striping is just an area with pavement because, without traffic paint, there is no sense of direction or order.

When customers visit any professional business in NJ, the parking lot is the first and last place they will end up, making a good impression and ensuring the area is clean.

All parking lot line striping is bright, clearly marked, and straightforward, which is highly essential to guarantee a well-rounded client experience and successful business – this means enlisting help from reputable pavers.

parking lot spaces
Parking lot spaces require enough space for modern cars to park safely. They also require enough clearance for open doors.

parking space linesCreating the Perfect Parking Space Takes Precision

Making a parking lot line is not as easy as it seems, and the creation and installation of parking lots take the help of asphalt professionals.

If you are hoping for clean, well-groomed, and inviting parking lots for your property or public space, you must ensure that everyone has easy access, the paint lines are clear, every curb is well-marked, and the surface remains beautiful and damage-free!

In asphalt parking lot paving, the first thing you will notice is the quality of the pavement and the visibility of the striping – your brand and reputation will be tied to your service, your building, and your parking lot – this does for drivers and employees as well.

Taking the time to hire the right parking lot striping company will make all the difference and provide businesses across Jersey with a sense of ease so they can worry about the actual job at hand – instead of what is happening in the parking lot.

Start Painting with Professional Pavement Companies

While some customers choose to rent or use their own line striping machine, others hire individuals who paint for a side hustle; the best way to get crisp lines and clear parking spaces is by bringing on the experts.

Searching for parking lot paving near me is usually not enough to determine where your money is going, and it is always a good idea to schedule a consultation with the professional you are considering before moving forward with your parking lot lines layout.

parking lot stripesChoosing a Local Line Striping Company

Most paving companies across New Jersey can install a parking lot and offer resurfacing, repair services, and parking lot striping or further maintenance – choosing the right one for the job is the trick.

Stick to your gut, ask the professional company for an estimate and rundown on the price, and review all their parking lot striping and maintenance terms.

This allows you to interview the companies involved in creating your parking spaces and the final result for your parking lot.

Verify that they are, in fact, licensed pavers in the state of NJ and have experience with driveway, parking lot, patio, and other forms of paving and striping.

Cost-Effective Solution for Your Business Traffic and Vehicles

NVN Paving specializes in commercial asphalt paving and parking lot striping for local businesses within the Garden State.

With NVN pavers working on your parking lots and parking spaces, customers don’t have to stress out about the cost of the job, whether or not the crew will have the appropriate equipment, and how the team will style and finish the parking area.

Our pavers are dedicated to delivering elite line striping services at a reasonable price!

parking lot stripes
Whether it’s parking spaces or pedestrian walkways, parking lot line striping should be evenly spaced and carefully executed

The Basics to Parking Lot Line Striping

The long and short of parking lot striping is this: traffic and vehicles can flow through easily when a parking lot has bright and clearly marked lines.

With commercial parking lot pavers and line striping, no one has to wonder why the handicapped stalls aren’t present, which arrows are pointing where, if the fire lane is a legal parking space, etc.

This assists clients and visitors in knowing where they can and cannot park and what is designated for handicapped, and navigation comes naturally rather than frustrating and deterring customers.

paint machineAsphalt Line Striping Methods and Equipment

Parking lot lines and line striping direct traffic on any public space or roadway.

This is done through white and yellow paint lines on asphalt and concrete pavements to signal drivers where to go, and every stripe is equally as important as the next.

Securing asphalt parking lot contractors near me for the paint job is the most effective way to ensure your parking lot striping is completed perfectly.

Line Striping Machine

Professional paving companies and those completing your line striping job can do the task differently.

This differs from driveway paving and maintaining, as parking lots and public pavement experience much more traffic and require more direction.

When creating parking spaces, striping, and arrows, experts use the following equipment options:

  • Paint rollers can be used by hand once things are outlined in chalk and tape.
  • A parking lot striping machine is also used to paint very straight lines and precise markings on asphalt and concrete.
  • Laser guides can be used when touching up old lines that have become worn out or aren’t clear to drivers.
  • Spray shields are also utilized when painting the lines within a parking lot as the wind can divert the paint elsewhere, and the shield will deer any error.
overhead car park layout
There is no shortage of commercial parking lots in New Jersey. Having clear and precise line striping for parking vehicles is important

parking lot stripesLine Painting Details

Whether you have a brand new parking lot, are currently searching for a paver installation near me to develop one, or your lot has been there for quite a while.

The existing lines aren’t quite as apparent to traffic as they once were – the paint type is just as critical as the equipment used and the specialists using them!

Three types of paint can be accessed for the job:

  • Oil solvent-based paint is the most widely used for parking lot paint and striping because it is incredibly durable and does well in scorching and freezing temperatures.
  • Thermoplastic paint holds the highest cost out of your options but is the most durable because the paint contains plastics to hold up against the elements, vehicle, and human intervention.
  • Water-based paint is typically the go-to if you hope to save a bit of money on the project, as it is an affordable investment but not always durable long-term.

Paint Lines and Their Colors

Parking space lines and striping are all colored differently to assist in creating invisible walls and barriers in the user’s mind.

There are typically four colors you will see in a parking lot:

  • Yellow paint is the most traditional color for traditional striping.
  • White paint is sometimes used instead of yellow for striping and arrows to direct parking traffic and other factors in the lot.
  • Blue paint is utilized to designate handicap spaces, and it has recently gained popularity in large retail shopping spaces for traditional lines.
  • Red paint is sometimes seen on a curb or indicates a fire lane is present and that parking there is strictly prohibited.
disabled parking space
Parking lots are obligated to include spaces for disabled drivers

Handicapped Spaces

There is nothing like a new asphalt parking lot, but whether you have something fresh or aging – every stripe has its place.

Handicapped areas have to be marked for parking, and while blues are generally used to outline the outcome, white and yellow paint can also be incorporated into outlining those parking spots, the curb, and other details, as it is up to the owner of the property to make and finalize all the decisions.

What are reflective beads?

Not everyone is pulling up and parking in retail and storefront properties during the morning and afternoon hours.

Many people across New Jersey and the United States have difficulties with evening visibility.

Reflective beads can be used on a freshly painted parking line or stripe to make it easier for those with vision impairments and challenges to see things clearly.

When you are working with a paving contractor in Passaic County or other areas in NJ, they can utilize equipment to dispense these beads.

They reflect light, are specifically designed to reflect the line of the parking stripe, and are often used within parking lots, roadways, and highways!

Developing Directional Arrows, Circles, and More

Every paved parking lot should consist of more than just lines; not all paved surfaces are reserved just for parking.

Circles may be required for a basketball court, football turf, or other warehouse line striping and business needs.

In a parking lot, directional arrows are necessary to lead traffic down own-way lanes, walls are sometimes integrated into the process, and a curb may also need to be painted.

Many elements are outside the norm of a straight line, and that is why having quality pavers on your side who have experience may come at a price, but their work will save you time and upgrade the space to make you money in the short and long term.

asphalt basketball court
Asphalt basketball courts require the same level of paving TLC as parking lots!

disabled parkingADA Requirements for Fire Lane and Handicap Stalls

There are laws in effect that ensure all people have equal and easy access to parking spots.

Although this was only enacted in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act states that your company can be fined and even closed if you do not provide accessible parking spaces for disabled and differently-abled people.

Consulting parking lot painting companies near me and the professionals who understand state and federal laws can help to develop your parking lot in the number of handicapped spaces, set measurements, and location.

Well-Marked Parking Spaces Make Parking Lots Accessible

Parking lots should always be open to a diverse range of people, promoting an inclusive environment and safe place.

Your parking lot striping will define how your parking area is shaped, and luckily, asphalt and concrete pavement repair and installation specialists are always available to assist in the process.

NVN Paving is Jersey’s leading contractor for all things related to driveways, roadways, parking lots, sports courts, warehouses, or any of your pavement needs!

parking stripes and walkways
Parking stripes are but one aspect of a clearly defined parking lot. Walkways for pedestrians are equally important!

parking lot stripesPainting Lines Can Transform Business Parking Lots

If you are a business owner or property manager in New Jersey, line striping with paver maintenance specialists is a quick and straightforward way to boost your curb appeal – inviting current customers in and enticing potential clients for their first visit!

Having parking spaces that are visible, clean, and laid down with precision gives your clientele easy access to your building or storefront and will likely expand your profit dramatically.

You will be able to provide more capability for those parking to check out apartments, visit the school, interview for a job at the office, etc.

When businesses don’t offer clean line striping throughout their parking lots, it creates unnecessary hurdles for customers and employees.

Benefits of Traffic Paint and Updating Your Own Parking Lot

You can complete new or updated line striping projects with just about any asphalt company in Bergen County, but NVN Paving surpasses all the rest!

When you commit to parking lot striping with NVN pavers, you will benefit in so many ways:

  • Expanding and opening your business’s doors to a diverse client group will help exceed your projected profits.
  • Place your most professional foot on display with parking lot line striping and put forth the external aesthetics that complement what your team hopes to project to the public.
  • Prevent frustration, confusion, and possible accidents in the parking lot from happening.
  • Reduce liability for physical, emotional, or mental damage from an unsafe parking environment.
  • Develop a parking space that is easy for your customers and all visitors to navigate, creating a seamless experience from arrival to departure!

Parking Lot Lines are Essential for Commercial Properties and Roadways

Accessing the services of parking lot paving companies is vital when considering new parking lot striping, as they can provide a quick and hassle-free project experience.

You cannot have a legitimate parking lot without accurate, precise, clean striping because it is simply another pavement block.

commercial parking lot new jersey
NVN Paving literally paves the way in professional parking lot paving services!

Premiere Asphalt Pavers Painting Parking Lines in New Jersey

To effectively grow and evolve your business, you must make your own parking area a place that is welcoming to the public, simplified for traffic, and breaks down barriers that have previously made parking lots exclusive.

NVN business and landscape pavers are committed to creating cost-effective, eco-friendly, and simple solutions for parking lots and other forms of pavement line striping.

parking lot striping Take Your Business to the Next Level with Parking Lot Striping

As one of the best parking lot paving companies in New Jersey – NVN Paving strives to develop the highest quality of pavements and affordable project options and elevate the environment.

Our pavers are licensed, insured, and experienced in the installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance, line striping, and additional specialty paving solutions.

Contact NVN Paving for Top-Quality Asphalt Painting Services

Your pavement surface is an empty canvas to our parking lot striping contractors.

Still, it takes collaboration and communication to develop an asphalt or concrete space that uplifts your business or property.

Contact NVN Paving to get started on updating or upgrading your parking lot or other pavements with superior line striping services and guidance throughout the process!