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An Asphalt Paving Company You Can Trust

Having a solid, aesthetically pleasing pavement for your parking lots in New Jersey and property owners across America can have an extreme impact on the success of your business.

High-quality work and construction of lots depend upon a prestigious and reputable asphalt company in the neighborhood.

The building and construction of any kind of asphalt driveway or parking lot make for a visually appealing and inviting environment!

Securing professional parking lot paving services in New Jersey makes all the difference in the outcome of your paving project.

licenseFully Licensed and Insured Professional Contractor in the Garden State

NVN Paving offers fully licensed, bonded, and insured paving services in the great state of New Jersey for residential and commercial paving needs.

Asphalt parking lots are created from the highest quality materials, remain eco-friendly, and are reasonable solutions for any business owner!

Our pavers are focused on developing long-term relationships with customers in hopes of offering elite paving services.

When it comes to your New Jersey parking lot or any parking area for a large or small business, placing your best foot forward and crafting curb appeal to entice customers is likely one of your top priorities.

estimated costFree Estimates on all Commercial Paving Projects

For family-owned, local asphalt paving companies like NVN Paving in New Jersey – crafting a paved parking lot our clients are satisfied with means developing a beautiful, durable, affordable, and long-lasting surface.

Before property owners set out to confirm a paving company and the construction of their new lot, parking lot repair, or general maintenance service – gaining a free estimate to review the job requirements, property specifics, and total cost is necessary.

All paving projects should be mindful of money; budgeting is essential for commercial parking lots.

NVN Paving will provide free estimates and walk you through the process to ensure the highest quality work, customer comfort, and satisfaction!

Evaluating your free estimate is all a part of the paving process, and requesting more than one from various asphalt companies in New Jersey allows you to compare cost, installation or repair needs, materials, and pavers.

asphalt parking lot paving
Parking lot paving, done right first time with NVN Paving!

Paving the Perfect Parking Lot in New Jersey

Consulting with asphalt parking lot specialists and driveway paving near me is the first step to securing your new parking lot, parking lot repairs, or other general paving services.

To pave the way to your new parking lot in New Jersey is having those pavers on-site to review the current layout of the property.

This is when measurements will be taken, paving services will be evaluated if you already have a paved parking lot, it will be surveyed, and all the details will be calculated.

While this can feel like a moment of going through the motions and logistics may feel mindless for many business owners, there is a reason for everything.

Creating a beautifully paved parking lot requires professionals who know how to do the job!

parking lotCreating Asphalt Parking Lots with the Highest Quality Materials

Seeking out a suitable paver installation near me secures competent construction and gorgeous commercial parking spaces.

Deciding to install a new parking lot must be taken seriously, as a lot is required from customers and your potential paving company, which inherently affects the business space.

To ensure a successful experience with asphalt paving, having a team of commercial pavers enlisted for the job is non-negotiable.

ASPHALT PAVERSStress-Free Parking Lot Install

Asphalt paving is something that only some New Jersey residents or business owners will know much about; therefore, building and maintaining a parking lot can put you in over your head.

When you install a new parking lot or replace your existing paved parking lot, the stress is frequently a deterrent.

No job with NVN Paving, commercial, and residential asphalt companies near me is too big!

As a local paving contractor, we can install your parking lot, repair your parking lot, and maintain the area to ensure the business you provide to the community is successful in the long run.

Uplifting our residential and commercial customers is at the center of our priorities, and with every new asphalt and concrete parking lot installation service – we intend to make the install as simple as possible!

parking lot paving
Parking lots receive a lot more traffic than your residential driveway. Only the most durable asphalt is acceptable!

commercial business paving servicesCommercial Properties Require Commercial Paving Strength

Your business parking lot is the first thing your customers will see when pulling up to your storefront, restaurant, warehouse, or any kind of property.

So when the first impression you make our clients depends on concrete and asphalt paving, you better have asphalt pavers that can live up to that reputation.

NVN’s pavers is committed to providing quality work, excellent customer service, and a healthy environment as your local contractor.

As a family-owned business in New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping others.

Our pavement experts maintain commercial strength, focus, and endurance for commercial paving services!

drainageDeveloping a Dependable Drainage System

No one wants to install asphalt paving companies that aren’t paying attention to the drainage system.

Proper drainage is necessary to prevent any kind of pooling or standing water from developing.

When you end up with a parking lot with drainage issues, you will also end up with many repairs and the possible need for replacement long before intended.

NVN is a professional contractor in NJ; we constantly review the drainage system thoroughly to ensure that your paved parking lot doesn’t have to go through the woes that come with poorly draining water.

steamroller iconSetting Down the Structure and Base Layer

Asphalt paving cannot be completed correctly without a solid base.

Parking lot and driveway asphalt require a sturdy gravel base before any asphalt is installed.

The base determines the overall strength of the parking structure, and that is why NVN completes a full inspection of the environment and lays down a solid base before any concrete or asphalt paving services begin.

free paving consultation
Professional pavers will not cut corners on materials or experienced manpower. Call us for a free consultation!

project managersAttention to Detail Requires an Excellent Asphalt Contractor

Your asphalt driveway company should always pay close attention to every last detail when it comes to any kind of residential or commercial services.

Parking lots are meant to be functional, cost-effective, within budget, built to last, and beautiful for visitors and those who utilize the area.

NVN Paving is determined to offer asphalt paving and parking lot installation with precision.

At NVN, our pavers will review the details with you before the services begin.

We will review things as they are in progress, and the finished product will also be evaluated to ensure quality and satisfaction!

repair driveway damageParking Lot Repair Needs for an Existing Parking Lot

Parking lots are used frequently as that is their purpose – to provide people with parking spaces and a safe environment.

While most parking lots should last anywhere from 20 to 30+ years, during that time, they are exposed to the elements, people, automobiles, etc.

This leaves space for regular wear and tear, human intervention causing damage, and extreme weather and sun exposure can cause the surface to fade and crack.

If your parking area is not meeting your expectations, securing a premium asphalt repair company in Passaic County or surrounding towns is the solution!

concrete smootheningPesky Crack Filling

If your parking lot is beginning to crack at the surface, paving companies in Bergen can help complete professional crack filling and sealing services.

The scope of work may differ depending on what is going on with your parking area, but leaving cracks there can expose the asphalt or concrete to further damage.

NVN Paving provides elite repair services, which include crack filling, sealing, hole repair, and other damage that may occur to your existing lot or driveway.

parking space linesOutlining Parking Spaces

Parking lines and stripes offer users an easy guide in and out of their spaces, but over time, this is also exposed to sunlight, cars, and people.

NVN is a reputable paving contractor ready to supply updated outlining, striping, and area cleaning to restore your parking lot to its original state!

Sealcoating made easy! Ensuring your driveway will be protected from Mother Nature

sealingSuperior Sealcoating

One of the best ways to avoid the need for constant repairs, parking outlines, and other forms of upkeep is by sealing your asphalt parking lot!

Driveway sealer companies offer seal coating to protect your paving from general exposure to the sun, weather, and anything else it may contact daily.

While this is usually a process you would want to complete in the Fall season, NVN offers fantastic seal coating opportunities for your parking area to defend all surfaces from anything that could wear it down or cause damage.

puddleRemoval of Standing Water

Last but not least, local pavers are always fighting against poorly installed and poorly draining parking areas.

If you notice standing or pooling water in your parking lot – call NVN Paving in New Jersey for immediate assistance!

Water and drainage issues are never something you want to wait around before addressing, as these problems could quickly become more urgent.

Plus, when you have a trusted group of professionals to help – there is no reason to procrastinate standing water!

commercial parking lot
The greater the parking lot, the greater the upkeep. But maintaining your commercial parking lot is essential as it’s the first impression many clients will make of your business.

commercial pavingCommercial Parking Lots and Necessary Maintenance

Every paving contractor that works with asphalt or concrete understands the importance of maintaining the area, whether you are dealing with a residential driveway or commercial parking lot.

Professional maintenance from an asphalt contractor can help expand your lot’s lifespan, keep up its original appearance, prevent outlines and color from fading, maintain the cleanliness of the area, and avoid the need for high-cost repairs.

Your Commercial Property and Curb Appeal

Paving maintenance is necessary for all concrete and asphalt paving projects.

When you put your energy into something and spend time caring for it, everything will remain in good working order, and with a parking lot – it will continue to provide curb appeal for your property or business.

If you cannot keep up with things, you call in the expert who maintains minor repairs, upgrades, cleaning, and general upkeep for the surfaces.

Dealing with Concrete Parking Lots

Asphalt is the most used material for paving, but concrete paving is another common substance used for parking areas, driveways, etc.

Concrete can require more maintenance than asphalt; it needs to be cleaned at least once annually, but when looking after a parking lot, you will likely want to continuously keep up with any kind of trash or debris collected or left in the area.

This will help to maintain a polished look for your property and business.

NVN commercial and residential paving contractor located in New Jersey – servicing Passaic and Bergen counties alongside surrounding areas with excellent asphalt and concrete lots, roadways, driveways, patios, and other paved surfaces.

Preventative Maintenance for a Paved Parking Lot

By having asphalt and concrete specialists perform maintenance for your parking lot, you can catch any problem before it becomes a disaster.

Because cracks get more prominent, holes will grow more profound, and damages don’t magically repair themselves.

When your asphalt and paving surfaces are maintained, they are also meticulously reviewed for any repairs that may be needed.

NVN is New Jersey’s local parking lot, patio, and driveway specialist.

During all maintenance services, we provide a complete inspection of the area, clean, offer general upkeep, and supply minor repairs if applicable.

steamroller paving asphalt
Don’t waste time – call NVN Paving today for a free, no-obligation quote!

Cost-Effective Asphalt Parking Lot and Paving Services

Upgrading your parking lot requires professional pavers in your community for installation, repair, or maintenance, but all of these services should be offered within budget.

Budgeting is another fact of life, and locating paving companies in NJ that offer reasonable pricing on their paving solutions is another hurdle to surpass during the project.

nvn pavingYour Go-To Commercial and Residential Paving Contractor Located in New Jersey

When you require commercial or asphalt companies near me at an affordable price, you are in luck.

NVN Paving is dedicated to bringing simple and accessible pavements to the people within their community.

Our paving professionals are passionate about serving residents and businesses in their own neighborhoods!

Bringing prestigious and comprehensive parking lot areas and other paving options is our goal, and successfully completing all projects cost-efficiently and effectively is our commitment.

Contact Our Paving Experts for Your Free Estimate

If you are interested in installing, replacing, repairing, or beginning preventative maintenance for your parking lot – read more about our experienced paving services!

Contact our paving experts for a free estimate on your paving needs, and let’s begin upgrading and elevating your business or property today!