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Asphalt paving is the best go-to option when paving your driveway, considering the ease of installation and the overall cost. What makes it even better is that during maintenance or repair, only the top layer is repaved. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates. These minerals such as rocks, sand, slags, gravel, and others, used a lot to surface roads, parking lots, airports, flooring and roofing.

To get the most out of asphalt, you need competent contractors with skills. NVN Paving is the best company in New Jersey to provide the best paving solution. Quality and durability are guaranteed. Check out our gallery.

Deciding Between Asphalt Vs Concrete Paving

Deciding whether to use concrete or asphalt has been a challenge in the past years and is still a challenge. Let’s make some and find out which is desirable option.

Asphalt Paving In New Jersey

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful driveway, without potholes or bumps?

Well, this is possible with NVN paving. 

We ensure the proper installation of Asphalt paving to straighten up your driveway and make driving fun.

Proper installation can mean the difference between a driveway that will last a few years and a driveway that lasts more than 20 years. 

We, at NVN Paving are dedicated to providing the best Paving services in New Jersey.

We don’t want you as a customer but as part of our NVN family. We provide a five star level of service.

Proper installation can mean the difference between a driveway that will last a few years and a driveway that lasts more than 20 years. 

Install Asphalt Paving In New Jersey

Asphalt installation needs so much attention as this is what will determine the durability of the driveway. The first step before the installation is to remove the existing surface using heavy machinery.

This is followed by ensuring proper drainage as water is a significant cause of damage. Preparing the base is a crucial part. If it is not compacted correctly, the top surface will not be durable. 

The base is a frost barrier to prevent winter damage. What follows next is to ensure that the base has no soft spots so that it can support new asphalt. The binder is then added, finishing off with the top layer of fresh asphalt. The top layer is smoothed to ensure no bumps. At NVN paving, we ensure all these steps are followed so that quality is guaranteed.

Best Time To Install Asphalt Paving

When to pave your asphalt driveway?

So many things should be put to consideration before paving your driveway like season, wind etc. but the most crucial is temperature.

To properly install asphalt, a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is required. This can either be in early summer or late spring.

Temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees make it difficult to pave your driveway. Schedule your installation when the weather is appropriate or consult.

Cooler temperatures make the outcome irregular, bumpy and uneven. At NVN Paving, we have experienced workers and Skillful contractors to handle such situations.

Driveway Paving Repair In New Jersey

Proper installation of asphalt reduces maintenance costs and repairs, but just like concrete, asphalt also deteriorates. Having to deal with potholes, shoveling, stripping grade depressions and cracking is quite frustrating.

High temperatures weaken the asphalt making it easy to deform. Low temperatures cause contraction leading to cracks. Filling the cracks with bitumen can be a temporary fix. This prevents water from enlarging the cracks. Cracks require intensive repairs such as multi-course overlays, asphalt overlays, full reconstruction of the road or grinding off the top course and overlaying.

Doing driverway repair on poor condition roads gets more expensive; therefore, you should consider maintenance and repair before the driveways get worse. NVN paving will ensure your driveways are in good condition always.