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The Best Pavement Company in New Jersey.

Car owners discern the need for a smooth driveway in and out of a home or workplace. If you want to surprise your customers or visitors, this is how. NVN Paving is a company based here in New York. We provide paving services for driveways. Even more, being the best pavement company in New Jersey, our trained experts to give quality delivery in every project. We have been in operation for the better part of the last four decades. We know how important a driveway is to car owners. We install new driveways and repair the damaged ones. We are based in New Jersey, Bergen and Passaic with certification for expert delivery. You can visit our offices any day or just give us a call and we shall be there.

Pavement Company in New Jersey

Paving is imperative in residential and commercial setups. You need an all-weather paving that enables you drive in and out of your garage conveniently. This is better taken as a long term project. NVN Paving is a company that provides paver related services. We have trained persons to handle our installation, repair and driveway pavement maintenance services. Besides that we offer consultation and recommendation for the paving that suits your needs best. The last decision is however left at your discretion. Besides those services we offer, new asphalt pavement construction, pavement milling & resurfacing, asphalt repair & patching, stone-base installation, blacktop maintenance and parking lot paving. We offer quality services informed by the experience we have gained over the past decades.

Types Of Driveway Paving

Besides concrete paving, we offer asphalt, brick and tiles for your driveways. With our high tech equipment, we are able to mill and make the materials we use. This way, we are able to make good products recommended by our experts. After installation, the pavers last long in terms of years. This also pushes maintenance call further from the present. We believe that quality services lead to maximum potential of the paving. If your driveway is new, we install the paving anew to keep your drive life in check. We also repair damaged pavements with our contractors giving you the best suggestions. We then leave you to make a final decision based on all the facts. Other paving materials include cobblestone, bluestone, flagstone and travertine.

Pavement Installation in New Jersey

Installation starts when you decide the best pavers for your walkway, driveway and patio. Only a certified contractor can help you choose pavers with strength, style and good pricing. At NVN Paving we are aware of budget sensitivity. This is why we offer you with the best pavers at a pocket friendly price. Pavement Installation doesn’t have to be for a new pavement but also an existing one. If you are planning to change the type of pavement or upgrading the existing one, we’ve got your back. We have trained personnel to handle our installation services. Our high tech equipment helps us to manufacture everything we use in paving. This guarantees quality of the raw materials. It’s very simple. Just call us or visit our offices here in New York.

Driveway Pavement Repair

Just like any other utility in a home or workplace, paving gets damaged with time. Obviously, paving isn’t a service that you install or repair daily. Sometimes, plants or weather dynamics can affect your paving. This undoubtedly makes it weak and sometimes damages it. You may notice cracks on your driveway. This is enough to prompt a repair and maintenance call. Sometimes you may notice that the paving isn’t even and has some bumps here and there. If this is inconveniencing you, give us a call. In the worst case scenarios, a paving can get potholes. This needs refilling and leveling. We, NVN Paving offer driveway repair services. We have trained personnel to ensure your repair is handled quickly and correctly. Repair is part of our strength areas and we value our customers.

Commercial Paving Company New Jersey

Over the past decades, we started with residential paving. We have served the New York community at this capacity for a long time. We offer paving services that meet your most specific residential needs. Your home needs a paving that isn’t only convenient but also provides an aesthetic touch. We make pavement using bricks, concrete asphalt and other materials. We help you choose by giving you all their pros and cons. Over time we have made our cut in the commercial setups. So far we are doing great with our delivery meeting our customer needs. Talk to us or visit our offices here in New York.