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Sealcoating Solutions in New Jersey

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#1 Asphalt Sealer for Residential and Commercial Needs

Asphalt is known for its unique, durable, and long-lasting qualities, but even the most robust materials and substances may require little intervention and assistance.

In New Jersey, asphalt is the go-to for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, playgrounds, and just about any form of pavement used for residential or commercial reasons.

Ask any asphalt company what the best way to provide protection to your asphalt’s current aesthetic and quality is, and every single one of them will answer – seal coating.

dump truckSecuring a Professional Contractor for the Process

Sealcoating or driveway sealing places a thin defensive coating or layer meant to protect your asphalt surfaces from chemicals, temperatures, rain, oil, ice, waste, dirt, debris, and almost anything it comes into contact with.

Asphalt sealcoating requires a professional contractor in your area to ensure your pavement is adequately prepared and the liquid base is applied correctly and regularly.

When you begin locating a licensed and reputable asphalt sealer, you will want to ensure that you are doing a little more than simple internet research.

Verifying the company completing the job ensures business and homeowners peace of mind.

sealing for asphalt new jersey
Nothing beats the look of a freshly sealed asphalt drive

saves moneySave Money with Premium Products and an Experienced Driveway Sealer

NVN Paving is an asphalt repair company in NJ, offering installations, maintenance, sealcoating, and other repair services meant to maintain and uplift your residential or commercial pavement.

We take pride in the blend of sealant we offer, and as a contractor – our customers’ life and/or business is in our hands.

Sealcoating is meant to create, protect, and maintain the asphalt driveway or parking lot, but having access to these solutions is essential for everyone.

This is why NVN is dedicated to making our sealer options affordable and accessible to the community!

protectionProtection for Your Asphalt Driveway and Parking Lot

If you aren’t sure how asphalt sealcoating can protect your driveway or parking lots, look no further than your neighbor, favorite coffee shop, or comfort restaurant.

As asphalt is everywhere, and to extend the life of your pavement as much as possible, sealing things off fills in the blanks and the possibility for pressure and other materials to interfere with your surface.

Driveway specialists in New Jersey know the importance of sealing your surfaces, but the service does much more than provide protection.

A Gorgeous Finished Product for Business and Homeowners

Typically, solids and other materials are going to break down over time.

This means that even in driveway and parking lot paving projects, eventually, those items will be exposed to rain, dirt, engine oil, and the usual weather conditions – making for even the strongest and most durable materials to wear along the edges.

While some customers instantly choose to replace or repair this damage, you can also prep for sealing the surface.

When you choose to seal a driveway or parking lot, you are choosing to revive the life of the asphalt.

Why wait? Well, there are certain times of the year when it is best to contact your local driveway sealer, but regardless, offering your pavement that coat is the best form of protection there is for the curb appeal it provides your business or household.

With a proper sealcoating job, your driveway will be protected from the elements all year round

Asphalt Sealcoating is Essential for Home and Business Owners

When you need legitimate driveway seal coating near me, NVN Paving is the master of the asphalt driveway and any asphalt surface.

When you have an asphalt driveway or parking lots, the integrity of the pavement can be compromised with ice, frigid temperatures, oil stains, and all the usual suspects.

Instead of leaving your asphalt vulnerable to the elements and human intervention – sealant can resolve all your problems before they occur.

rain damage

Parking Lot and Driveway Sealing Provides Defense from the Elements

Driveway sealer companies are there to help you through the process of sealcoating your surfaces.

It is their job as the sealer to ensure the driveway or parking lot area has been appropriately cleansed with a power washer, rinse any stains, seal cracks, brush away any pesky problems, patch potholes, and bring in the filler which will coat the materials.

Even concrete sealer companies use the same methods and always require help from professionals for proper parking lot and driveway sealing projects!

Asphalt sealcoating acts as a barrier for the asphalt surface.

It physically coats the top layer of asphalt to prevent any predator or outside influence from getting through the cracks or edges.

This offers the perfect line of defense against the sun, which it would be exposed to nearly 24/7, the rain, snow, sleet, hail, and every element New Jersey is prone to across the harsh Winters.

sealingExtend the Life of Older Driveways or Parking Lots

Since sealcoating provides an elite defense to all asphalt pavements.

When you seal driveway, you are locking in a longer lifespan!

Using a sealer is essentially a giant coat for your asphalt; it keeps everything shielded and is not subjected to the usual wear and tear.

Most driveways will last about 25 years, but when you seal your surface, you can extend things well past 30 years and avoid the next replacement job for a little bit longer!

pothole asphalt driveway new jersey
Potholes are the result of poorly maintained asphalt. NVN Pavers have the tools to smoothen your drive out!

repair driveway damageAvoid Cracks, Breaks, and Other Damages

No one wants to see things like potholes, thin cracks to fill in, and even ruptured parts of your driveway or parking area.

When things like this emerge, it can cause tremendous frustration and stress.

Contact NVN Paving – your local driveway sealer and pavement professionals to avoid unnecessary repair projects!

Asphalt repair experts and paver installation near me will always recommend sealing as it can offer your driveway and pocket some extra padding!

drivewayA Liberal Coating of Sealant Makes Your Asphalt Strong & Flexible

Asphalt sealer gives your pavement a bit more strength.

While the material is durable and flexible, asphalt pavers suggest a sealer to increase the flexibility of the surface and base area.

This makes it easier for vehicles to drive across because, over time, your driveway and parking area will become rigid, making the material crack.

weatherproofing asphalt water drainage
Asphalt which allows rainwater to drain away rather than cause surface pooling, is essential for safe driving

drainagePrevent Water Damage from Harsh Weather Conditions

Water is one of the largest culprits that can cause damage to your asphalt driveway and other surfaces.

On the other hand, dry weather and even pressure can push things to the brink of breaking.

The sealer comprises a thin, fine aggregate that will fill any of the cracks in your driveway.

Once these cracks are filled in by reliable residential asphalt companies near me, you can rest assured that water will not seep into the pavement.

The longer you can keep water and moisture out of your asphalt, the longer it will last!

Driveway ResealingCleaning Asphalt and Concrete is Made Easy

Cleaning and maintaining your driveway is something that every homeowner needs to do, but it is not always the most exciting thing to do.

You can use a power washer to rinse debris, brush off dirt, and pick up anything that shouldn’t be lounging around your pavement space.

Cleaning your driveway is not typically something that homeowners want to spend a bunch of time on when there are a million other things to do within the exterior landscape.

With paver sealing in Bergen County, placing a sealer on your driveway is simple, and once you have completed the project, cleaning will be twice as easy!

Because the sealant makes things smooth and shiny, you can easily sweep a broom across it and rinse the rest effortlessly.

improve driveway appearanceUphold the Smooth, Beautiful Surface of Your Driveway or Parking Lot

One of the most incredible things about using a professional driveway sealer is the look it provides your asphalt surfaces. The sealer immediately fills in the cracks, making the blacktop area gleam.

Your curb appeal is the first thing you notice when you pull up to your home.

It is also something that your neighbors and others in the community will appreciate, and lastly, it is undoubtedly something that potential buyers will look upon fondly.

With superior driveway sealing in Passaic with NVN Paving, customers have access to simple solutions and excellent driveway sealer crews!

Our team of sealers is fully dedicated to elevating your property, residential or commercial, protecting your asphalt, and maintaining every inch of pavement surfaces with our sealcoating services.

commercial sealcoating
Whether it’s your home driveway or your commercial parking lot in need of sealcoating, NVN Pavers have you covered!

NVN Paving – A Superior Sealcoating Service in NJ

If you are still searching for the very best paving companies near me to assist as a driveway or lot sealer for an upcoming sealcoating project – look no further than NVN Paving, New Jersey’s finest paving company!

With NVN, you are guaranteed transparent pricing, fantastic customer service, licensed pavers, and comprehensive paving solutions because sealcoating is the perfect way to protect and defend your asphalt and concrete pavement.

Still, if you are not hiring the right contractor for the job, things can go awry quickly.

call us todayContact Our Family Owned and Locally Operated Business to Seal Your Pavement

NVN is a premium paving contractor in the Garden State that strives to continue to evolve its service options, simplify customer’s paving projects, and make all of these efforts more accessible to clients throughout the community.

As a family-owned and operated business in NJ, we are privileged to serve our fellow friends, neighbors, and businesses in the area and surrounding neighborhoods.

If you are considering sealing your driveway, contact NVN Paving to schedule our sealant specialists to your home or business today!

sealed driveway
Call us today and enquire about our sealcoating services!

faqFrequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to seal coat your driveway or parking lot?

Just about any paving company in New Jersey recommends that you commit to asphalt sealcoating when the temperature is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will want to avoid rain or any kind of extreme weather in the following day or two, and the best time to get scheduled is in the Fall or Spring seasons.

How often will I need to seal my asphalt surface?

There isn’t any driveway quite like a driveway that has been squeegee cleaned and sealed!

With driveway paving near me, you can locate professionals easily, and you should commit to sealcoating every other year during the Fall or Springtime.

What happens if too much sealer is used during the process?

There is such a thing as too much sealer when sealcoating any surface.

One or two coats is the minimum for a competent driveway sealer, but this can vary depending on your surface.

If you are working with a sealcoating company that doesn’t know what they are doing or simply doesn’t have the experience – you could end up with much more than two coats.

This can actually lead to cracks and a shortening of your driveway lifespan!

Does concrete require seal coating?

Concrete can benefit from a sealer, and just about any concrete and asphalt paving company will recommend that you opt for sealcoating!

When you seal the surface, you are protecting the area and yourself from the need for frustrating repair projects, oil stains, constant cleaning, and other forms of maintenance.

While sealing your driveway or parking lot doesn’t maintain everything for you, it certainly gives you the upper hand and a whole lot of peace of mind!