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Fix Paving Vs. new installations

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Fix Paving or New Installations: Expert Solutions by NVN Paving

When planning a facelift for your home or business, don’t overlook pavements, sidewalks, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. The right paving material can make a significant difference, so consult your paving company before making a decision. The two main paving options are asphalt and concrete.

concrete vs asphalt
Concrete and asphalt driveways each have their pros and cons

Concrete vs. Asphalt Paving

Concrete paving is popular due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. However, it is prone to cracks and can be damaged in cold climates or by salt used for ice melting. Asphalt paving is affected by hot climates, as the tar used as an adhesive can weaken, causing pavements to warp. Despite being cost-effective, asphalt driveways should be resealed six months after installation and seal-coated every five years.

asphalt repaving
Does your driveway need an overhaul or simple resealing?

Asphalt Sealcoating vs. Repaving

When addressing issues with your asphalt pavements, you can choose between laying new asphalt or repairing and maintaining existing pavements. Each option has its own unique features and benefits.

nvn paving driveway sealing
With combined decades of experience, NVN Paving will have your driveway looking fresh and sleek!

Asphalt Driveway Sealing

Sealcoating is a cost-effective paving renovation solution. While paving companies may recommend sealing your driveway six months after installation, you should still take care of it to prolong its lifespan. Sealcoating reduces water seepage, prevents asphalt deterioration, and restores the curb appeal of your home or business.

sealing driveway
Sealing adds a protective layer to your drive

Why Consider Driveway Sealing

Sealcoating is often preferred over repaving due to cost and time efficiency. The process of cleaning debris and applying new sealant is faster and more affordable than laying new asphalt paving. With a professional paving company and the right tools, driveway seal coating, and re-patching can take less than a day, depending on the damage extent.

driveway repaving
Driveway repaving in action

Driveway Repaving

Repaving is recommended for severely deteriorated driveways and parking lots with large cracks, slumped depressions, and numerous potholes. Before repaving, it’s essential to fix the damaged sections. For a more permanent solution, remove the deteriorated pavement, grade, and compact the base of the paving afresh. With routine maintenance, the asphalt can last for several years.

resealing and paving
Both resealing and paving services are available via NVN Paving. Call us today!

Fix or Install New Paving?

Choose between cost-effective seal coating and longer-lasting, labor-intensive repaving solutions based on your needs and budget. A professional paving contractor in New Jersey, like NVN Paving, can provide expert advice and estimates to help you make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance on the best solution for your pavement.