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Using Blacktop For Custom Driveway Pavement Solution.

Whether it is in your home or business premises you are looking forward to laying a driveway, it is important to think of the best paving surface. With many paving surfaces in the market today, there are so many options for you to choose from. What distinguishes all these materials is their quality. Laying down a driveway is an investment that involves a lot of cash. Thus, it is something you want to do probably once in a lifetime. When it comes to choosing materials, the commonly used is the concrete and blacktop. NVN Paving has for years been installing these two surfaces. Our clients mostly come requesting for concrete installation but always, we recommend the blacktop surface. Below are some of the reason as to why blacktop is better than concrete.

Blacktop driveway paving ideas

Blacktop is a mixture of gravel, bitumen and water. The major element of the materials making up the blacktop is petroleum.  With the rise in oil prices, the blacktop is slowly becoming unpopular. Also, its unpopularity is hyped by the fact that people think it is only a common black surface that has no element of beauty. However, there are some ideas that will help you make your driveways elegant and some cheaper options to maintain it. Here are some of them.

Colored and stamped blacktop driveway

As the name suggests, blacktop is mainly black. However, it is possible to come up with a decorative blacktop of other colors. Experts are capable of coming up with colored and stamped blacktop driveways. It can be creamy, bold or soft colors. It is also possible to stamp a driveway with steel so that they are similar to bricks or stones.

Tar and chip driveways

Tar and chip driveway will give close resemblance to gravel. This is basically a blacktop driveway with stone aggregates planted on the surface. Though this driveway can provide an elegant look, during winter, it is quite difficult to remove the snow. Also, it does not require any sealing and therefore cheap to maintain.

Recycled blacktop driveway

For this, an already existing blacktop surface is ground into pieces. We relay the small pieces to become the new driveway paving. Since there is a lot of oil still present, the ground up pavement will with time bind together and become cohesive. This type of paving is more economical than laying a new one.

Benefits of Using blacktop on your Pavements

Faster to install and use

It is easy to install blacktops. It can take one or two days to lay the blacktop even with big projects. On the other hand concrete takes longer to set and can be twice the time used to lay the blacktops. On the same note, once the blacktop setting is complete, it is ready to use in one or two days. This is totally different with concrete. For concrete to cure completely, it requires even five days.

Durable and low maintenance cost

Blacktop will offer you decades of service without requiring any repair or maintenance. It is not subjected to cracking like concrete will if installed the wrong way. Concrete will need you to do it all over again after some few years due to decolorations. With blacktop, you not need to worry about its services. Once installed, even in heavy traffic areas, expect many decades of service. In case of cracks in your blacktop driveway, you can easily repair it. All you need are crack sealant products that ae widely available in the market. This simple repair will keep your blacktop driveway running for many years. To add on this, repairs made on blacktop will form less visible patches on the surface. This is quite different from concrete where you can tell the difference even from a distance.

Additional merits

With its black color, blacktop will retain more sun heat you will not realize the benefit arising from this until winter season. Snow on blacktop tends to melt faster than on other materials like concrete. Also, you do not need to worry about discoloration with blacktop. With the mixture involved in making it, it will take years to notice discoloration on blacktop.

Blacktop is Cost-effective

Like earlier said, it is easy to lay blacktop surfaces. Therefore, this translates to low labor costs since you only need a few experts to finish the job. Also, since the materials used to make the mixture is cheap, the price of blacktop is relatively low and affordable.