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Asphalt Paving Ramsey, NJ

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Asphalt is created through a mixture of 5% binder and 95% aggregate, which is comprised of stone, gravel, and sand. Asphalt paving is a multi-functional product with dozens of applications – for both residential and commercial properties. At NVN Paving, we know asphalt and can help you determine if this versatile product is the ideal choice for your residential or commercial project.

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Asphalt is widely used on highways for it’s durability

Affordable Paving Services in Ramsey, NJ

In addition to being versatile, asphalt paving is very affordable. At NVN Paving, we understand that saving money on your pavement services is a top priority. We can accommodate the needs and concerns of all our clients and will always perform excellent work.

From driveway paving to huge commercial projects, including parking lots in hotels, conference centers, or massive shopping centers, the team at NVN Paving can handle any project – big or small!

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Asphalt Paving

Did you know that bitumen, a common component of asphalt, was believed to be used in the mummification process of ancient Egypt? Asphalt, which has been used in the construction of roads for centuries, is not only versatile, it is highly sustainable. According to the NAPA, or National Asphalt Pavement Association, 99% of asphalt used in construction projects is made from recycled materials.

The asphalt that you find on roadways and in your own backyard driveway is actually made from a variety of recycled materials, including old tires and asphalt shingles. In addition to being the sturdy environmental choice, asphalt is also typically less expensive to install and maintain than other products, including concrete and other forms of masonry.

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Asphalt is widely renowned for it’s versatility

Common Uses for Asphalt

In addition to hot asphalt, which is the most commonly used type of asphalt paving, there are other types of asphalt, including:

  • Warm mix
  • Cold mix
  • Mastic
  • Cut-back

Asphalt has several uses, too. For example, many people associate asphalt with their new driveways, roadways, bridges, mall parking lots, and even shingles. However, contractors have several other uses for asphalt:

  • Pathways and sidewalks
  • Backyard patios
  • Playgrounds
  • Sporting courts, including basketball courts
  • Waste management facilities

If you are ready to see how asphalt can benefit your home improvement project, call the professionals at NVN Paving for free estimates on all your residential and commercial projects!

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Should I Choose Asphalt Paving for My Commercial Paving Project?

At NVN Paving, our company will guide you through the whole process of creating a new commercial walkway, driveway, or parking lot. Still not convinced if asphalt is the right material for your commercial project? From driveways to parking lots, here are a few of the many reasons why asphalt is always the best choice:

economicAsphalt Paving is Economical

When compared to other materials, including concrete, asphalt is far more economical to both install and fix. It is very easy to fill cracks with hot asphalt, and seal coating your asphalt surface can help the product remain solid and resistant to damage for several years.

Repaving an existing driveway is also much more inexpensive. Paving contractors can even pave over concrete walkways, driveways, and parking lots too.

safetyAsphalt is Safer

Have you ever wondered why most roads are paved with asphalt? This is because asphalt features high skid resistance. This means that if it rains, a vehicle will not slip and slide as much on the surface. Although asphalt might appear smooth, it is rough and porous, reducing the presence of standing water.

Additionally, black asphalt absorbs heat, which helps melts snow and ice in winter, and because asphalt has a matte finish, there is less glare.

drainageAsphalt is Better For Drainage

The naturally porous nature of asphalt makes it ideal for a number of applications, including commercial walkways and parking lots. Asphalt can also be easily laid so that any standing water quickly and easily drains into nearby grassy areas. This can help increase irrigation to areas where water is needed most.

noise pollutionAsphalt Decreases Noise Pollution

If noise pollution is a concern on your commercial property, and if you must follow city ordinances to lessen noise pollution on your newly-constructed property, asphalt paving is a clear choice. In addition to being efficient to install, the naturally porous nature of asphalt means that it will also absorb noise.

Want to know more about the fantastic benefits of asphalt? Feel free to schedule an appointment with a contractor from NVN Paving.

fastYour Job Will Be Completed Very Quickly

If you have a commercial building, you want a product that can be laid quickly to ensure that you have minimal downtime. Opt for asphalt if you want a parking lot that can be driven on within a few hours after the work is completed. Asphalt is laid very quickly, cures very fast, and can be driven and parked on within a matter of hours after the job is done.

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NVN Pavers set the standard for residential and commercial paving quality!

Contact the Amazing Professionals at NVN Paving For All Your Residential and Commercial Paving Needs

A professional company that is ready to exceed all your expectations, our crew can install or replace your residential or commercial driveway. In addition to installing and maintaining asphalt surfaces throughout Bergen County, NJ, we can repair or replace your concrete driveway or sidewalk, as well.

We have completed hundreds of jobs throughout portions of NJ, and chances are, your friends and neighbors have enjoyed the benefits of working with NVN Paving.

asphalt paving ramsey njYears of Experience Serving Our Amazing Customers in Ramsey, NJ

A family-owned and operated paving business, NVN Paving can walk you through every step of the process. When you contact NVN Paving, one of our exceptional contractors will come to your home or business and assess the property to understand your needs better.

A recommendation will be made about the correct type of material for the job. Next, a team of contractors and skilled laborers who specialize in concrete and asphalt work will finish the project. After the concrete or asphalt is installed, we will perform a final walkthrough to ensure there is proper drainage and that the products were correctly installed.

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NVM specialize in asphalt sealing all over Bergen County NJ

paving servicesServices We Offer In Bergen County

In addition to being skilled paving contractors, the team at NVN Paving offers a wide variety of other services to our tri-state area customers, including:

If you are noticing your driveway, sidewalk, or commercial parking lot is beginning to look worn, dirty, and covered with unsightly cracks, we can handle those repairs too!

call us todayContact NVN Paving For a Free Estimate

Are you ready to transform your commercial or residential property and get a first-hand idea about the amazing benefits of asphalt? Don’t hesitate to contact the wonderful professionals at NVN Paving. We are open and ready to help six days a week, Monday through Saturday, to meet all your asphalt and concrete paving needs.

We always offer free estimates on all labor and materials and offer a limited warranty on several services.

Reviews for NVN Paving

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“I was torn between concrete and asphalt for my new driveway and knew I needed the advice and assistance of a qualified paving company. I contacted several businesses in the area, including Mcfarlane Asphalt. NVN did an excellent job, and I knew right away that I would recommend this amazing company to all my NJ friends and family!” – Rachel T

persona DARREN JI Contacted Several Paving Businesses, but NVN was the Best

“An old neighbor who moved to Passaic County raved about their driveway, so I had to take a look because I also needed a new driveway for my Bergen County property. I called NVN Paving after seeing what an amazing job they did on the driveway and knew that I wanted the same level of quality. I really don’t think it is an overstatement to say that NVN Paving is the best paving contractor in the world!” – Darren J

persona james yQuality Work and Great Customer Service in Fair Lawn, NJ

“As a business owner who has operated several commercial properties for decades, I knew that it might cost a small fortune to repave all the parking lots of my properties. It needed to be done, so I contacted the best of the best in the business – NVN Paving. They specialize in asphalt paving and have always done a great job when I needed it. This company does more than simply complete a job and take a payment; they really care about their customers.” – James Y

persona pablo dHomeowners Can Really Trust the Professionals at NVN Paving

“I recently purchased a house on Main St. in Ridgewood, NJ. The driveway was a disaster, and I had worked with other paving contractors in the past, and I was not satisfied with the job. My cousin lives in Wayne, NJ, and raved about the job NVN Paving did on their commercial building. I called NVN immediately, and they came out to assess my driveway the next day.” – Pablo D