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Asphalt Paving Franklin Lakes, NJ

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We at NVN Paving Home Improvement are the best residential paving contractor in Franklin Lakes, NJ. We bring experience, skills, and the best tools to meet our client’s expectations.

If you are looking for a contractor for your paving project with verified reviews and a broad satisfied customer base, look no further than NVN Paving, LLC. We have serviced several residential and commercial clients in and around town.

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Asphalt Pavers Near Franklin Lakes, NJ

Our Commercial Services

We provide various commercial asphalt services, improving your property’s curb appeal and aesthetics. These services include:

Parking Lot Paving

Our most successful asphalt paving projects have been for Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, commercial parking lots. We use the best techniques to ensure excellent paving across business parking lots and other public spaces. We can also work on repairing and patching in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

We patch up potholes and other cracks that come up over years of use and ensure the parking lots are perfect for future use with quality work. We work with certified paving contractors and ensure that the result aligns with what our users expect with seal coating.

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Best Pavers in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Speed Bumps

As most readers would know, speed bumps are traffic management tools that control speed flow in high-traffic areas. Speed bumps are often created through asphalt paving to ensure smooth upward and downward movement.

At NVN Paving, we provide speed bump construction in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Speed bumps are commonly needed for residential streets, school zones, parking lot areas, and other traffic control junctions.

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Hot Mix Overlay

Our team at NVN ensures the longevity of your asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ, by using a hot mix overlay. The overlay helps utilize the longevity of your asphalt while providing a more secure foundation.

Hot mix overlay has several benefits, including improved rideability and surface friction. We deliver all the benefits for our commercial clients in Franklin Lakes, NJ. The overlay is used to bind different elements together in one place and can give a solid look to the pavement structure.

Customers can expect several additions and better-quality work when they work with us for asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Commercial Laneways

Commercial laneways in Franklin Lakes, NJ, are subjected to much traffic. Excessive traffic may cause wear and tear if the laneway isn’t made from the best quality asphalt. Our technical experts at NVN Paving understand the construction standards in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and can take on commercial laneway construction projects.

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Hardstands commonly store vehicles, machinery, goods, supplies, and equipment. We can help prepare the surface of a hardstand in Franklin Lakes, NJ, through the best quality asphalt paving. Asphalt can minimize root damage through its resistance and strength, which constructors want within a hardstand.

Retaining Walls

Besides the above, we also build retaining walls in Bergen County. Our retaining walls are of high quality and will help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Commercial Application of Asphalt Paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ

NVN Paving specializes in asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Our services extend across most of NJ and are geared towards commercial clients and residential owners.

Asphalt driveway paving is the most commonly used option for commercial construction and driveway paving. A paving project made of asphalt has two primary layers applied on the surface. Both these layers come with a thick base. The additional layers of thickness added to the mix help increase the curb appeal and rigidity of the final structure.

Asphalt doesn’t react much to changes in temperature. The product is primarily black, so it can absorb heat better than other materials, resulting in longevity and better duration.

The first step for installing asphalt is to set a deep layer of subgrade gravel. Once done, we will place a layer of asphalt. Leave the asphalt as it is, and you will be good to drive a car on it within 4 to 5 days. All asphalt driveways need a completion time of over a couple of weeks. Our paving contractor at NVN can guide you better.

The excellent part about asphalt is that it rarely cracks like other materials. It does a decent job at maintaining its sheen for extended periods and does not crack for as long as you use it. The average asphalt construction can last you well for 20 to 30 years before you need to change it. This can be further increased with asphalt seal coating.

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Residential Application of Asphalt Driveway Paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Almost all homeowners want to build and pave an asphalt driveway in Bergen County. They recognize the importance of an asphalt driveway and ensure it is adequately paved to avoid future expenses.

Design and Repair of Existing Driveway

Even if homeowners get driveway paving after shifting to a new place, they may want to renovate and redesign the driveway with asphalt spread. Many houses in Bergen County have asphalt in the driveway.

Based on the initial design of your home, your asphalt driveway can be curved, circular, or straight. The final method you implement will also depend on the place’s access, drainage, and looks. A decent asphalt driveway can significantly enhance the resale value of your home and can help you get the best possible experience.

The best residential paving contractor located in Franklin Lakes will provide the highest quality services for all kinds of designs and repair processes to customers on-site.

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Franklin Lakes – Asphalt Repair Project


If you are building an asphalt driveway in the United States, you must adhere to the design elements typically found in the country. If it is a one-car driveway, the specifications would be around 10′ wide x 24′ long (240 sq ft/26 sq yd). Conversely, if your driveway is two-car, the specifications would be around 20′ wide x 24′ long (418 sq ft/46 sq yd). Almost all new homes in the United States come built with a driveway that can support the two-car garage.

We prioritize several features, including the size specifications, to construct your driveway. The asphalt paving sets the impression for the rest of the home, so we want to give you a complete experience for your home project as part of our services.

Resale Value

Homeowners in the Northern States go for concrete driveways, while those in the Southern States prefer asphalt driveways. The resale can vary from your state’s location to the material’s quality.

Repairs and Replacements from NVN Paving

We at NVN Paving cover everything from start to finish. We understand the intricacies of asphalt driveway paving and provide a simple quote for materials.

The average homeowner has multiple material options for an asphalt driveway construction job. We also go above and beyond to perform repair jobs at minimal rates.

Our repairs on an asphalt driveway are easy to manage because they aren’t costly. We patch up any damage without extensive costs. If your existing driveway loses its aesthetic appeal, we can pour macadam over it, a mix of gravel and liquid asphalt. This mix can easily last for over 6 to 7 years. We ensure we don’t use leftovers from used asphalt on your surface. It might be cheap, but it will cost you more in the long run.

Choosing a Paving Contractor

Choosing a suitable asphalt driveway paving contractor is essential to building the best driveway that will last you for years. Consider looking for paving contractors that bring the following to the table:

Have more than five years of experience:

Experience matters when it comes to asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes. Paving contractors like NVN Paving brings years of experience and can help create easy solutions for complex problems. NVN Paving has sufficient expertise in asphalt paving for commercial and residential clients. We have experienced paving contractors who can provide quick services and choose the best materials for your project. We also use all the latest technology in our processes.

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Are A rated by BBB:

Customer reviews and ratings matter. Paving contractors with a below-par rating will not be able to meet the service standard you expect from them. Previous customer ratings and reviews will also give you a clear idea of the Franklin Lakes, NJ service for driveway contracts. Work with NVN Paving, LLC, for optimal customer satisfaction.

Offer warranty on all materials and labor:

The best asphalt paving contractors will offer a warranty on all labor and materials. We at NVN understand the requirements of our commercial and residential clients and provide the service quality they require for a new driveway and job site. We provide free estimates for driveway paving. The free estimate will help you align your budget.

Are rated highly in the consumer circles:

The best company for asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ, will be known highly in customer circles. If your friends and family recommend you to us at NVN Paving, we have satisfied customers in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and have given them a quality service standard. We go above and beyond to meet customer expectations with our quality artistry and affordable price in Lincoln Park.

Are certified and insured:

You deserve the best customer experience from a professional asphalt paving provider with the required certifications and insurance. We offer certified workers in Franklin, NJ, with complete insurance requirements. We also ensure that all our clients get quality artistry without unnecessary hassle.

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Licensed & Insured Paving Company in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Stick by Working Dates:

A decent asphalt paving provider in Franklin Lakes, NJ, wouldn’t compromise on the working dates and timeline delivered to you. At NVN Paving, our word is our bond, and we don’t compromise on quality deliverables. We understand that customer satisfaction has contributed to our success, so we only commit to deadlines and project costs that we can meet.

Include an exact quote:

Affordable prices are a significant factor when choosing a company for asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Our representatives will give you an exact quote, and we promise to adhere to it for the length of our journey. We will save costs wherever we can and promise you the highest quality work within your budget at a fair price.

Using Pavers for Commercial Landscaping

Besides asphalt, you can also use pavers for your commercial or residential property. Pavers, known as dry-laid brick, come in natural stone, clay brick, and concrete materials. These pavers are available in various shapes, textures, colors, and sizes. While pavers might sound to be on the expensive side of things, they have numerous benefits over concrete slabs:

  • Pavers are ideally suited for patios, walkways, backyards, driveways, or your pool.
  • They come in a unique arrangement of exciting design patterns that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your living space.
  • Pavers add significant curb appeal to your patio and improve the resale value of your home.
  • They provide an ROI or return on investment of around 70 percent
  • Pavers are easy to repair or replace when they have lived and can be low maintenance.
  • Pavers can last over 50 years or more. This figure is a lot longer than concrete slabs can stay.

Work with Us

We stand true to our word and promise exceptional standards for asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ. We have worked with commercial and residential clients, successfully meeting their requirements.

For your commercial project or residential driveway, you can contact us for asphalt paving in Franklin Lakes, NJ, today. Please work with us to benefit from a high-quality paving experience with free estimates from our dedicated professional contractor. We will stay within your budget and promptly provide the best rates. You can compare quotes with your other contractor and see the difference.

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