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Asphalt Paving Elmwood Park, NJ

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Offering everything from concrete jobs to fully certified construction workers to asphalt paving, NVN Paving is the top paving company in all of New Jersey. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property across Bergen County, NJ, and beyond, NVN Paving is the go-to paving company in Elmwood Park, NJ, with the highest customer satisfaction of any paving company in Bergen County, NJ.

nvn pavingNVN Paving

At NVN Paving, our team of experts has decades of combined experience, which is why we can guarantee high-quality work at a great price. We deliver services to our customers, whether a business or homeowners themselves, that come highly recommended for a reason.

pricing guaranteeThe NVN Paving Quality & Pricing Guarantee

With great pricing, fantastic quality of work, and a business mentality that open and honest communication with our customers always leads to the best results, NVN Paving prides itself on being the most reliable and experienced paving company in Elmwood Park, NJ. We come highly recommended by businesses and residents alike because we specialize in first-rate asphalt paving.

what is asphalt
Asphalt is found in most driveways today and is widely popular for it’s long lifespan and endurance

What is Asphalt?

What exactly is asphalt? It’s a substance you’re undoubtedly around quite often, yet it remains a mystery for many. It’s one of the most reliable mixtures of substances for paving and has proven increasingly reliable over the years.

asphalt ingedientsThe Ingredients of Asphalt

In actuality, asphalt is a mixture of various substances. Mixing a binder with an aggregate creates asphalt cement, which includes several minerals such as sand, rocks, and gravel. This mixture forms asphalt, which is then applied for paving. Even if you don’t realize it, you probably interact with asphalt paving on a daily basis.

uses of asphaltWhat is Asphalt Used For?

In the modern day, asphalt is used for practically everything involving construction. From airport runways to parking lots to roadways to driveways to ports and beyond, asphalt paving is a crucial element of modern life that has helped to preserve and maintain the high quality of areas of land that incur lots of movement or stressors regularly.

durability of asphaltThe Durability of Asphalt

The reason that asphalt is used on something like a roadway or an airport runway is because of its durability and strength. It has routinely been proven to hold up incredibly well under pressure over the years, thanks to its mineral elements and the seal coating, which acts as a final layer of protection, holding everything in place.

asphalt paving elmwood park njAsphalt Paving in Elmwood Park, NJ

Whether you’re simply driving along the roads of Elmwood Park, NJ, or heading to Teterboro Airport (the closest airport to Elmwood Park, NJ), you’ll encounter asphalt paving. You’re encountering asphalt paving even if you simply go to a restaurant and park in a parking lot outside.

Asphalt paving has been satisfying customers for residential, commercial, and professional purposes for years, and NVN Paving remains the most trusted and sought-after name in the business for a reason.

nvnpaving best contractorsNVN Paving: The Best in the Asphalt Business

Whether you’re looking to install a new driveway for your new home, are looking to schedule asphalt paving to revamp your current driveway, or seeking to upgrade a parking lot, make sure to schedule your next project with NVN Paving. Call us today at (201) 304-7345. We have the equipment and the guys to complete your projects and leave you incredibly satisfied with the final result from October to September.

how much to pave driveway
The cost of paving your driveway depends on the size of your driveway as well as whether or not any existing damages need to be repaired

How Much Does it Cost to Asphalt a Driveway in Elmwood Park, NJ?

Paving a new driveway costs between $3,000 to $6,000 at $3 to $5 per square foot. Many factors affect the overall price of an asphalt paving job, such as the size of your driveway and the paving company you hire. Each paving company will have its specific pricing for pavers, equipment their guys operate, and labor services. On average, the asphalt paving a driveway in Elmwood Park, NJ, costs approximately $4,000.

landscapingAsphalt Paving vs. Repaving

Furthermore, these charges are for an install job. Repaving a driveway is more costly, considering the increased demo work, removal, and machinery needed to be operated by the businesses and contractor guys. In a repaving scenario, the initial price will be approximately $3.25-$5.25 per square foot of the asphalt driveway in Elmwood Park, NJ.

concrete driveway
More homeowners in Elmwood Park NJ are making the switch from concrete to asphalt for it’s affordability, flexibility, and speediness to install

Asphalt Paving vs. Concrete Paving

Regarding driveway paving, the question often comes down to two viable options: asphalt or concrete paving. While each certainly has its merits, in the opinion of our Elmwood Park, NJ-raised team here at NVN Paving, who specialize in helping our Bergen County, NJ customers get quality results, there is a clear answer.

  • Concrete paving is the pricier of the two options, while asphalt paving is a more cost-efficient alternative.
  • Asphalt paving has been proven to last longer and be more durable, necessitating little to no maintenance work.
  • Concrete is rigid and tough but much less flexible than asphalt paving and is, therefore, much more prone to cracking and showing signs of decay.
  • Both asphalt and concrete are recyclable.
  • Asphalt takes substantially less time to install than concrete.

In conclusion, asphalt paving is a more cost-efficient, effective, time-efficient, and long-lasting alternative. There is a reason that the asphalt driveway has become an increasingly popular fixture of modern life.

asphalt cheaper paving optionIs Asphalt the Cheaper Option?

Yes, asphalt is the cheaper option when it comes to installing a driveway or a parking lot. Asphalt paving costs between $3 and $5 per square foot, while concrete costs around $5 to $8 per square foot.

looking for paving contractor
NVN Paving has been servicing residents and business owners across Bergen County NJ for many decades. The quality of our professional work speaks for itself!

Finding a Local Paving Contractor in Elmwood Park, NJ

When looking to build your dream house, you want every last detail to be just right. That’s why you deserve a masonry and building team who will put your needs and desires first and ensure that you get a high-quality job that will hold up over time and allow you to focus on other projects in the future rather than having to re-up those that you’ve already done.

That’s why our team here at NVN Paving is the perfect choice for you. Here are some reviews from prior customers praising our team for their asphalt masonry jobs.

nvn paving work
NVN are the recognized symbol of excellence in asphalt paving across Bergen County NJ

The Best Paving Services in Elmwood Park, NJ

Whatever your next project is, from asphalt driveway paving to parking lot paving, call NVN Paving contractors today at (201) 304-7345. We’ve been proudly serving Elmwood Park, NJ, for years and plan to keep our number-one position in the region for a while. We offer an unbeatable quality of work that means our asphalt jobs last longer and look better than other asphalt paving companies in NJ can offer.

Recent Reviews of NVN Paving in Elmwood Park, NJ

persona alex tThe best asphalt paving near me!

“NVN Paving did a great job on my asphalt driveway. Their team was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable throughout the entire project! They made sure that I was happy with every step of the process and explained it all to me in detail. Would definitely recommend!” – Alex T.

persona kateTop-rated asphalt paving contractors in Elmwood Park, NJ!

“The asphalt paving at our parking lot was done perfectly. NVN Paving did a great job of providing an efficient and professional service. Their crew was very knowledgeable about the different products available to us, and they offered suggestions on what would work best for our specific needs. We are very satisfied with their work!” – Kate W.