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Asphalt Paving Hillsdale, NJ

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Premiere Asphalt Paving Company New Jersey

Asphalt is a common thread in every American’s daily life – it is used for children’s playgrounds, parking lots, on our roadways, driveways, in our buildings, floors, and roofs. It is one material accessed in various environments for various uses and reasons.

The paving contractors with NVN Paving in Hillsdale, NJ, offer the highest quality work and take personal responsibility for the clients we serve and the asphalt we lay.

Our pavers come highly recommended, with over twenty years of experience as a locally owned and operated business in Bergen County. We have offered a full spectrum of paving, repaving, repairs, patchwork, and masonry services for both residential homeowners and commercial properties.

There is nothing like a high-quality asphalt driveway or a freshly paved parking lot to make an excellent impression on your friends, family, neighbors, or clients.

Throughout the years and decades, we have completed many different projects in Hillsdale, NJ – new driveway paving, public parking lots, private drives, etc.- and we are fully dedicated to continuing our work to upgrade your house or place of business and maintain complete customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the job may be!

asphalt paving hillsdale nj
Our team of professionals is second to none regarding asphalt paving for residents and businesses in Hillsdale, NJ.

PAVERS NJDriveway Paving Contractors in Hillsdale, NJ

We have a high standard of integrity bound by customers’ interests and each client’s particular needs. We offer top-tier asphalt paving in Hillsdale, NJ, to form relationships with our extended community in the city we know and love.

As masonry contractors in Bergen County, we take every project with the same care and precision as we approach our homes or businesses upon first contact. It is not just a job to us – our workers have conducted a concrete way of doing things that can elevate any property.

Driveway paving is our specialty, and we always take it upon ourselves to do a fantastic job for every asphalt driveway we create, repair, or replace. 

NVN Paving is a Bergen County contractor you can rely on for any home improvement project, roof problem, concrete basement upgrade, rip and replace services, and our world-famous asphalt driveway paving!

Our guys are always working towards their evolution as NVN business employees, but also to supply continued support to any repair problem our customers are dealing with.

locally owned pavers nj
NVN Paving is a proud New Jersey business, serving residents all over Bergen County for many years!

LOCAL BUSINESS NJLocally Owned and Operated Company

NVN asphalt paving in Hillsdale, NJ, is a locally owned and operated company. Our contractors can repair, replace, install, and create anything – driveways or otherwise.

Our repaving services in Bergen County, New Jersey, are offered for residential or commercial needs, and our quality work is hard to pass up and has been praised by our clientele and other contractors.

We are a crew of professional pavers and masonry experts here to install and provide a sense of confidence and peace to the people of our community. Our job is to create things like an asphalt driveway or a new parking lot, but we are paving our way to better neighborhoods and happy customers!

Service Areas for Your Asphalt Solutions

NVN Paving services are at the heart of Hillsdale, NJ, in Bergen County. Still, we can schedule an estimate or premiere paving services in any of the following areas: Fair Lawn, Hasbrouck Heights, Passaic, Bergen, Emerson, Park Ridge, Westwood, and beyond!

New Jersey is a beautiful, unique city, and it is the place we chose to begin our business venture. We are proud to call this our home. We are wholly dedicated to persisting and evolving as a company providing our clients with top-quality asphalt, concrete, stone, and general paving services!

professional asphalt paving bergen county nj
With over two decades of professional paving experience, our asphalt services are second to none.

Professional Asphalt Paving in Bergen County

Most commercial paving services and contractors in New Jersey do an excellent job, but that isn’t to say these pavers are anything special. You can always find commercial contractors that will do the job because that is what they are doing, but you will not find another company like NVN Paving.

Our extraordinary asphalt paving and repair services all began over two decades ago. Our family was formed to service our friends and neighbors so that we could provide means of accessible and affordable driveway paving in the area.

asphalt driveway pavingAsphalt Driveway Paving

One of our most recent clients in Hillsdale, NJ, had previously booked with Lambert Paving Contractors, and they had completed asphalt paving for their residential driveway.

Over time, that driveway and surrounding stone walkway had become dinged up and damaged. We are the top choice in contractors for residential and commercial asphalt driveway and parking lot paving services in Jersey!

As a paving services contractor, was have designed paving and repaving for concrete and asphalt that exceeds general quality control standards.

When you schedule an estimate for your upcoming project with NVN NJ asphalt paving – you will receive a full consultation and thorough review of your options so that you can compare with other asphalt driveway contractors—paving a new way to pull up at home and showing a unique aesthetic to your neighbors.

Your New Driveway is Waiting…

An asphalt driveway should stand the test of time, even in Hillsdale, NJ. NVN Paving NJ has continuously operated as an expert in laying down and installing new asphalt driveways, repairing old ones, or providing patchwork and maintenance as required. Our pavers can add new color, texture, and function to your asphalt driveway.

If your current asphalt driveway (or concrete driveway) has grown old and serves the function you would have hoped – our NJ business offers the finest repair services in Hillsdale. We can assist in block curbing systems and internal home improvements for your roof and basement. Your new driveway is only one call away!

Home Improvement

Taking the time to make the needed repair or investing in entirely replacing your asphalt driveway means having NVN Paving and the highest quality of materials behind you, saving you time and lots of money in the long run while also increasing the value of your NJ home!

asphalt parking lot
When making a first impression with your business clients, there’s nothing more eye-catching than a freshly-paved asphalt parking lot.

parking lot pavingParking Lot Paving

Every business owner understands the importance of having a solid asphalt driveway at home and a beautiful parking lot for their commercial business.

When approaching your company’s home base or storefront, most of your clientele arrives in every commercial parking lot or asphalt driveway. This means that the concrete, asphalt, and overall scenic surroundings make the first impression on anyone and everyone pulling up.

When a parking lot or asphalt driveway is freshly paved, it brings additional curb appeal to the property. When dealing with asphalt that requires a ton of repair and is sporting more damage than not – it isn’t always the most pleasing thing to look at or comfortable to park in.

Most people create their first impression of an individual or business within the first minute of a meeting. If you are grappling with old concrete and asphalt to pave an excellent first impression, you are not placing your best foot forward.

NVN Paving can help with an asphalt driveway and parking spaces at almost any budget level. We provide comprehensive remedies to upgrade your business and satisfy your commercial needs.

While most of our commercial clients focus on parking lots, private asphalt driveway areas, etc., our experts can provide plenty of additional specialty asphalt & concrete services dependent on your wants and needs! We are pleased to have created an elite paving company that can assist other NJ commercial businesses.

driveway landscaping nj
Our landscaping services – such as this Belgian block curbing – complement your new driveway’s aesthetic.


NVN Paving in NJ offers various additional masonry and landscaping service options. Just as an asphalt driveway can completely change the look and feel of any home – walkways, sidewalks, and brick and concrete patios can continue to evolve the exterior spaces of your home and business.

We are legitimately paving lawns and outdoor spaces in New Jersey and can also pave new patios! The landscaping adds beauty and grace to your home, but it also creates a space where you, as the homeowner, can be creative and access your personality for your area.

Our paving services have been offered to NJ homes and business owners for over twenty years. It is a top priority to continue crafting new ways to repair, restore, and install ethereal exterior settings for our clientele’s everyday lives. We intend to continue creating paths, driveways, and walkways for our friends and neighbors in Hillsdale, NJ!

call us today for a price
Call us today, and we’ll develop a paving project that suits your budget!

Quality Work at a Fair Price – NVN Paving

As the trusted neighborhood contractor in Hillsdale, NJ, we are committed to the highest quality artistry and paving service. Whether you require a general repair for your asphalt driveway, repaving for your parking lot, waterproofing work, installation of new stone or cement, etc. – we are a paving contractor you can rely upon!

NVN Paving in NJ can assist in a brand new asphalt driveway or repair an old one, concrete walkways and sidewalks, replacing your current parking lot, seal coating, drainage, waterproofing, paving, repaving, and so much more

We have developed concrete relationships because the work that we do – is meant to manifest new lives for our customers. Their interests and needs are placed above everything else because when they pull into their driveway or out of a parking lot – they can feel secure with the ground they walk on.

They can feel good about how that looks to their friends, family, or customer base. NVN Paving is here to wash all your asphalt worries away!

call us todayCall Us for Your Free Estimate on All Paving Services

If you want to create new parking spaces for your customers or are a homeowner hoping to repair or install your new asphalt driveway, contact our office at (201) 304-7345 to schedule your free estimate and consultation.

We look forward to paving the way to a happier future and more beautiful surroundings!