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Premier Asphalt Paving Northvale, NJ: Quality, Timeliness & Professionalism

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s a home or business owner in Northvale, New Jersey, you might find yourself contemplating a new driveway or a parking lot for your property. If so, there’s one name you should consider: NVN Paving LLC, the leading asphalt paving service provider in Bergen County, NJ.

Paving the Path with NVN Paving

With a rich history of providing quality work and excellent service in paving, NVN Paving has firmly positioned itself as a leading player in the Northvale, NJ, paving market. Committed to using quality materials, our business consistently delivers results that exceed customers’ expectations.

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Homes in Northvale NJ require some paving TLC!

Residential Driveway Paving: A Smart Investment

Asphalt paving is a fantastic deal for residential property owners considering a new driveway. Asphalt driveways add both aesthetic and functional value to a home, transforming your property and ensuring smooth vehicle movement. But why choose asphalt over other materials?

asphalt driveway pavingBenefits of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways are sturdy, reliable, and resistant to winter’s harsh effects, making them the perfect choice for Northvale, NJ residents. When constructed using high-quality asphalt, these driveways are not just long-lasting, but they also enhance your property’s overall appeal.

asphalt paversDelivering Unmatched Residential Asphalt Paving Services

For NVN Paving LLC, every new driveway project in Northvale, NJ, is an opportunity to showcase our professionalism and expertise. Whether you need driveway paving, Belgian block curbing, or driveway sealing, you can trust this established company to complete the job promptly.

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Parking lots, footpaths, and driveways are all areas of NVN Paving’s expertise!

Commercial Asphalt Paving: Enhancing Your Business Landscape

From paving a new parking lot to refreshing an existing one, commercial asphalt paving is essential to any business’s infrastructure. As a trusted paving company in Northvale, NJ, NVN Paving LLC is committed to delivering high-quality, durable commercial parking lots.

parking lot pavingThe Parking Lot: More Than Just Space

A well-constructed parking lot can dramatically transform the look of your business, making it more inviting to clients. Additionally, a well-maintained parking lot is crucial to maintaining safety for your customers and staff alike.

nvn logoNVN Paving: Your Trusted Commercial Paving Partner

Whether it’s a small repair job or a large-scale commercial paving project, the experts at NVN Paving LLC can handle it all. The company’s experienced paving contractors employ cutting-edge equipment and quality asphalt, resulting in stunning, durable, and functional parking lots.

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Providing quality paving services across Northvale NJ

A Name Synonymous with Quality and Satisfaction in Northvale, NJ

The quality and satisfaction guaranteed by NVN Paving LLC make it a preferred choice among Northvale, NJ, residents, and business owners. The company takes pride in its work, which is evident in the countless successful projects completed in Northvale and across Bergen County, NJ.

quality assuranceReputation Built on Trust and Quality Work

In both residential and commercial sectors, NVN Paving has built a strong reputation in New Jersey based on trust, quality work, and customer satisfaction. The positive reviews and feedback from customers in Northvale, NJ, stand as a testament to the company’s high standards and professionalism.

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There are no silly questions when it comes to investing in your driveway. Let us know if your have any unanswered concerns!

Frequently Asked Questions

which is cheaperIs paving or concrete cheaper?

While both asphalt paving and concrete come with distinct advantages, it is generally recognized that asphalt tends to be more cost-effective. The installation costs of asphalt are lower than concrete, and maintenance or repair costs over time are often less due to asphalt’s robust resistance to weather, particularly in colder regions like Northvale, NJ.

good investmentIs an asphalt driveway a good investment?

Unquestionably, an asphalt driveway is a solid investment for homeowners. The durability and longevity of asphalt driveways, coupled with their lower maintenance needs compared to other materials, provide significant value. Moreover, an aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained asphalt driveway can contribute to the overall value of a property.

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Providing quality client service at affordable rates!

cheaperWhy is asphalt so cheap?

The price of asphalt is linked to the cost of crude oil, from which it is derived. Therefore, when oil prices fall, so does the cost of asphalt. Furthermore, asphalt’s recyclability can reduce manufacturing costs significantly, contributing to its affordability.

estimated costHow expensive is asphalt?

The cost of asphalt varies, influenced by numerous factors such as project size, the thickness of the asphalt layer, the specific type of asphalt used, and the labor costs of the general contractor. Therefore, for accurate pricing, it is advisable to obtain an estimate from a reputable paving contractor, such as NVN Paving.

pouring asphaltHow much will 1 ton of asphalt cover?

Typically, one ton of asphalt, at a thickness of 2 inches, will cover about 80 square feet. However, this can vary depending on the specific project requirements and the anticipated level of traffic, making consultation with a professional paving contractor essential.

dump truckHow much asphalt can a dump truck haul?

The volume of asphalt a dump truck can transport depends on the truck’s size. A standard commercial dump truck has the capacity to haul between 10 and 14 tons of asphalt on average.

drivewayHow wide should a driveway be?

For residential driveways, standard widths range from 9 to 10 feet for single-car driveways and 16 to 18 feet for two-car driveways. However, the specific width can be tailored to individual needs, local regulations, and the size of the property.

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NVN Paving: Your Local Northvale, NJ Paving Specialists

From the beginning to the end of every project, our focus remains fixed on delivering quality work and excellent service. To get started on your next paving project, you can schedule an appointment today with our professional team by phone or through our contact page.

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Trustworthy and Dependable Service

With NVN Paving, you can rest assured that your paving project is in trustworthy and responsible hands. The company is fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind to customers while ensuring the highest quality work.


Choose NVN Paving for Your Paving Needs in Bergen County, NJ

Whether you’re looking for a new asphalt driveway or a commercial parking lot in Northvale, NJ, trust the experts at NVN Paving. With years of experience, a dedicated team, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, NVN Paving is the reliable, professional paving contractor you need.

Discover more about NVN Paving’s unique approach to asphalt paving and learn why we are the top choice for homeowners and businesses in Northvale, NJ, and throughout Bergen County. Check out our services and about page today, and don’t forget to request an estimate for your upcoming project.

Remember, for paving in Northvale, NJ, NVN Paving is the name you can trust. Commitment, expertise, and quality materials combine to bring you a final blacktop that’s as durable as it is visually appealing. Invest in your property today and experience the NVN difference.

NVN’s Asphalt Paving Northvale, NJ Reviews

persona todd o“★★★★★ The team at NVN Paving transformed my worn-out driveway into an absolute marvel! Their exceptional professionalism, prompt service, and the use of quality asphalt have resulted in a smooth, durable driveway that truly elevates the look of my home. I’m beyond impressed with their attention to detail. Thank you, NVN Paving!” – Todd Oyadomar.

persona brittany“★★★★★ I was astounded by the impeccable service provided by NVN Paving. Their expertise in driveway paving is unmatched in Northvale, NJ. Not only was their work top-notch, but they also completed it ahead of schedule and were very respectful of my property. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a reliable paving contractor.” – Brittany Gunter.

persona alex j“★★★★★ NVN Paving was instrumental in enhancing the landscape of our business with a well-constructed parking lot. Their great commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their work. Their prompt, professional, and friendly service made the entire process seamless. Our new parking lot is now a fantastic addition to our property. Five stars to NVN Paving!” – Alex Jackson.

persona scott“★★★★★ We hired NVN Paving for a major commercial paving project, and they delivered beyond our expectations! The team was proficient, operated in a timely fashion, and left no stone unturned to ensure top-quality work. Our newly paved parking lot looks professional and has significantly improved our business’s exterior. Kudos to NVN Paving!” – Scott & Brook Waters.

persona robin“★★★★★ NVN Paving just finished our new asphalt driveway, and it’s stunning! The crew was meticulous, professional, and always available to answer our questions. They used high-quality materials and finished the project on time. Now, our driveway is the talk of the town! Their dedication to their work is truly admirable. Highly recommend NVN Paving for all your paving needs in Northvale, NJ.” – Ted & Robin.