Paving Stones in Passaic, NJ

Improve Your Patio Appearance with Paving Stones in Passaic, NJ.

Paving stones have an aesthetic appeal, also they have a lot of benefits when used to install driveways, patios, courtyards, decks and paths. Paving stones come in various sizes, shapes, colors and textures. NVN Paving Company, Passaic, New Jersey, have a long history when it comes to paving stones installations. Our paving stones installation projects are affordable and are completed in an efficient manner.  We take pride in durable outstanding paver work. Our aim as a company is to always exceed your expectations and become your first option when it comes to any paving stones project. Our professionals are highly skilled and familiar with any emerging trend in this industry. All you need to do is to contact us, tell us what you need and we will get back to you with a free quote.

Different types of paving stones in Passaic, NJ

At NVN Paving, our main goal is to transform your outdoor space to the best beautiful looks. The elegance of paving stones helps your premises stand out from the others; below are some of the paving stones we use;

Brick Driveway pavers

Brick paving stones are manufactured. There are best known for their classic looks and they are very strong, durable and will last for a long time. Also bricks can be laid in a range of patterns and color combinations. Bricks are eco-friendly and are easy to clean.

Concrete Driveway Paving

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are mostly used for flooring options for roadways and driveways. Also there are easy to customize to you own choice. Their installation is hassle-free given the fact that there are uniform and can be easily cut. They need high maintenance in terms of sealing to prolong their life span.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone pavers are a variety of sandstones that are used to create elegant and sustainable driveways. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They got a variety of looks for one to choose from. Bluestone pavers can be integrated with various paving materials to achieve a unique look.


Flagstone pavers are uniquely shaped and fit together like in a puzzle. They have a variety of colors to choose from. Flagstone last longer than concrete pavers. Their varying shapes can allow one to create their own custom pattern.

Travertine Paving Stones in Passaic, NJ

Travertine paving stone have an elegant appeal that matches well to interior walls and floor installations. Also they can be used for installation of outdoor pavers and pool copings. Travertine have mottled, pitted texture, latering and a light beige color.

Cobblestone pavers

Cobblestone pavers are made up of pieces of granite. Granite is very hard thus making it suitable for driveways with heavy traffic. Cobblestone are expensive to install but the outcome is worthy because of their attractive, unique and tough look. Cobblestones are long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Slate pavers

This kind of paver stones come in a variety of colors. They best suit areas where the weather is warm. In cold areas slate pavers tend to crack over time. They are best suitable for surfaces next to pools as they got rough texture.

When it comes to choosing the type of paving stone to install in your outdoors space, don’t worry as our professionals are always ready to help you out any time you reach out to us.

Why use paving stones in Passaic, NJ

There are many reasons why paving stones are popular nowadays for outdoor patios. Paving stones are manufactured without adding any artificial additives thus eco-friendly. Also paving stones colors and shapes have natural characteristics that create a beautiful last outcome when used for any landscaping needs. The benefits of paving stones include easy upkeep. Unrivaled beauty and long term cost efficiency. If you use paving stones for your outdoor space, you add elegance, style and class to your home. At NVN Paving our engineers are always ready to offer their services any time you are in need of them. Call us today!

Features of paving stones

Paving stones got a wide range of features that may convince you to choose them for your outdoor space. Paving stones are durable and very strong, they combine strength, continuing abrasion resistance and flexibility to deliver the best long-lasting outdoor space. Another feature of paving stones is that they maintain their interlocking form better than other type of materials used for paving. Also they are easy to repair and can be recycled, thus their overall maintenance coat and replacement cost is low compared to other paving materials. Don’t hesitates to call us, we guarantee you the best unique paving stone services available.