Paving Stones in Bergen, NJ

Suitable Paving Stones for Your Driveway Pavers in Bergen, NJ.

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Different types of paving stones in Bergen, NJ

Paving stones in Bergen, NY come in a variety of many shapes and types. When choosing the ideal stone paver for your outdoor space is best to enquire about the different types of stone pavers so as you can choose the best option that suits your outdoor space. Below are the different types of stone pavers we deal with;

Bluestone Paving in New Jersey.

Using bluestones for your paving material is best, as they are long lasting, good looking and best for all kinds of uses, like patios, stone steps, entryways or pool decks. Bluestone color depends on where it was mined and may vary from brown, rust, tan or gray. Bluestone pavers come in different sizes and shapes, one may choose to cut them in uniform sizes like squares or rectangles or they may designed for a more natural look of irregular shapes.

Cobblestone pavers in Bergen, NJ.

This kind of pavers are usually made up of pieces of granite. As we all know granite is a very hard rock, and have been used and still used as driveway material for decades. Cobblestone pavers are not cheap to install, but they are worthy to install as they make your outdoor space look tough, attractive and unique. Also this pavers are stain resistant, and are not affected by weather. Also cobblestone pavers do not crack or break like most of the other types of paver material.

Travertine Paving Stones in Bergen, NJ.

This king of paving stone is curb appealing that matches well to interior wall and also in floor installations. Also they are used for outdoor pavers and pool copings. Travertine always enhances the look of your home and increases its value. This kind of paving stones has a pitted, mottled texture, layering and an even, light beige color.

Flagstone pavers

This are just limestone, sandstone or slate slabs irregular cut and then used to cover the pavers. Flagstone pavers are available in several colors, ranging from blue to red or other variables. Flagstone pavers are long lasting. Their installation is either sealing or setting them over subsurface layers.

Slate Driveway pavers

Slate pavers come in a wide range of colors. They best suit surfaces where the climate is warm. They have one set back as slate surfaces crack if exposed to extreme cold areas. It is best used for surfaces near swimming pools due to its rough nature thus no one can skid.

Why use paving stones for paving

When it comes to choosing the material you prefer for paving your outdoor space it can be overwhelming, but we do understand that, and that’s why our professional are always ready to help you in making better choices. Paving stones are very durable, as it is extra flexible and it is guaranteed for a life time against cracking. Also their maintenance costs are low and some kind of stone pavers are resistant to stains. Paving stones have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to colors, surface finishes, shapes, and sizes. Also a range of species to choose from.

Features of paving stones in Bergen, NJ

Paving stones  in Bergen, NY have several features for one to consider before using them for your outdoor space. Paving stones are strong and durable and this is the main reason why they were used in ancient Rome and still used today. Installation of paving stones in Bergen, NJ is easy compared to other kinds of paving materials. The most outstanding feature in paving stones is their aesthetic appeal. They bring beauty and elegance to you outdoor space. For any outdoor application you may need, there is a choice of paving stone that will suit you best. For more information contact us and we are always ready to serve you.