Paving in Fair Lawn

You can a pavement in places where you anticipate people to walk, while others drive.

So, you can find sidewalks along your local road, the mall, in the parking lot, in schools, or even in parks.

These pavements act as an essential part of the road construction process.

They need to be of impeccable design and last long.

Poor designs and construction will often lead to the increased cost of maintenance, or interference between the motorists and the pedestrians.

You can avoid any problems relating to paving when you consult a good company on the issue.

Asphalt Paving in NJ
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That is why we over the following paving services:

Stone base installation

When installing a pavement for your project, you can choose from a wide range of materials.

Some of these include stone, which you lay out in an orderly manner to achieve a pathway.

When installing the stone base, you would need some materials for the job.

First, you need to get yourself a tape measure, some gloves, a shovel, a hammer, some wood stakes, and string line.

Then, on to the installation, you need to plan on the lookout of your pavement.

Then, you are going to prepare the grounds and excavate them to a balanced level.

Next is when you now install the base, commonly used is the aggregate stone.

Make sure to spread it evenly if you are aiming at having an excellent finishing.

Next, it is time to compact the base and define the edges.

Then spread sand over the aggregate, layout your stones, and finish up on your paving.

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Our team clears up the ground on where to lay new driveway paving for a residential home. Paving in New Jersey

Pavement marking and signage

If you have used a road before, then you must have come across some arrows and box shadings.

If you are a driver, then you fully understand what each marking represents.

However, for the non-experienced road users, you might not understand completely.

These same markings can be used in the pavement to mean the same thing.

However, it is hard to mark them with precision when you lack the tools and experience to handle such.

So, when you finish your parking lot pavement and need to mark it, we are the people to call.

We have the best equipment to make sure that we sign and mark your roads to the highest standards.

Paving in New Jersey
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Sewer installation and repair

When creating pavements for use along the road, parks, the parking lot, and sometimes even the residential pathways, you might find yourself coming to contact with the sewer lines.

Besides, if you want to avoid flooding on your pavement each time there are light showers, then you need to install a drainage system along the path.

These systems, however, demand meticulous planning and designs to avoid inconveniences.

That is where we come in.

At NVN Paving, we help you design the layout of your pavement, the sewers included.

If you hire us to offer these paving services, then we start from the sewer line construction, then finish off by laying out the pavement.

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Also, if there are problems along your sewers, say some cracks on the line, then we are the people to call for repairs.

Asphalt pavement construction

New trends are emerging in the paving industry.

New material and modern methods applied to create long-lasting and beautiful pavements.

However, there are some of the old techniques that stay true and last very long.

Asphalt is one of those methods.

When installing asphalt pavements, there are some few steps to follow, lest you end up with substandard sidewalks.

First, you would need to clear the ground where you intend to lay your asphalt.

Next, there will be some grading and sloping before preparing the sub base.

After compacting the subbase, you would need to check on the condition of the ground under it, a process referred to a proof rolling.

If the ground is stable, then you proceed to the binding.

Then, you can install the asphalt surface and finish by constructing the butt joints to the roads along the pavement.

Asphalt Paving in NJ
call us for the best of asphalt paving in New Jersey. We have the best tools, equipment and skills

Pavement repair and maintenance

Pavements often carry heavy loads, form all the people walking on them and sometimes vehicles.

All these lead to some wear on these pavements, which becomes hard to deal with and risks the safety of the users.

That is why it is necessary to have the sidewalks repaired and maintained after some time.

For these services, then you can contact us at any of our channels.