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Having nice looking all weather pavements is the least you can give to your visitors. Whether driving or walking, clean pavements are always a good impression. This can however remain a fantasy if not handed to the right paving company. It’s possible for resources to go down the drain after sub-standard work is rendered. Time is always of the essence when it comes to long term plans. For this reason, you need a well experience paving company to deliver to your expectations. We, NVN Paving have paving need in our wingspan. We can help you improve the condition of your paving, driveway, walkway and parking lot. This way, you will be satisfied after seeing the results of your investment. We have decades of experience and well trained technicians to ensure paving needs are met. Visit us in Passaic, NJ.

Service from A Paving Company in Passaic, NJ

Among the services that we offer, installation, repair and maintenance are far reaching. You can hire us for expert delivery at affordable prices. This refers to the new constructions. For a damaged paving, we patch, upgrade and repair. Below is more info.

Commercial Driveway Paving in Passaic, NJ

For any walkway, driveway, patio, walkway, the most crucial stage is installation. It’s momentum of the service life of any paving can’t be ignored. This is the very reason you need a quality oriented paving company to deliver. We can offer paving services that will benefit you in the long run. With our technical expertise and modern equipment, we can make good your demands. Our prices are pocket friendly and we deliver in time to avoid delays. Visit us here in Passaic, NJ or just call us.

Driveway Paving in Passaic, NJ

Just as installation is momentous, so is repair. Repair can be expensive if it becomes a regular exercise on your paving. When repair cost exceeds installation cost, this becomes an anomaly in the budget. We can save you from these discrepancies. We provide professional paving repair services to include patching, seal coating and upgrades. At all times, we ensure you get your paving good as it was when first installed. If you are in dire need of expert driveway paving repair in Passaic, NJ.

What to consider before hiring a paving company in Passaic, NJ

The most used sorting criterion for hiring a paving company in Passaic, NJ is promarily the cost. Clients tend to hire companies that favour their pockets. This is however not a guarantee for quality work. This might be as well used as bait. For this reason, you need to consider several other impacting factors. They include:

Insurance Cover

Construction works include many risks. Most of these risks take a fortune to fix. Most of the times, fixing such a risk will involve huge amounts of money that shake the budget greatly. That said, you need a company that offers an insurance cover to its clients. This helps to protect you from any risks resulting from damages and liability. Most legit companies will have this package for their clients. If you can’t trust you company to take care of their mess, how can you trust them to deliver? At NVN Paving, we offer this cover..


Companies will always ask for deposits prior to commencement of work beforehand. This is a great idea that shows financing of the project and trust between you and the paving company. Nonetheless, this can work a bait to make you give a certain amount of money. Sometimes, companies taking down payments disappear in the blues after receiving that money. It’d be therefore impulsive to dive into such a deal. Most genuine companies will expect payment after their work is done. This way, they protect you from any financial insecurity and keep their needs ahead of theirs. It’s a good sign. We, NVN Paving don’t ask for down payments. We take the money after delivery. We are in Passaic, NJ.

Years of Experience

This is the best sorting criterion that most people use to pinpoint best companies. The reputation of a company is never misguided or inflated. It’s a sign of good will to the society and proven track record. NVN Paving is lucky to have built a good name for itself. This has been possible due to reliability, expert delivery among other factors. With decades of work, we have gained enough experience to deliver quality products and services to our customers. Within this time, our customer base has marked exponential growth rate that indicates our success. You can also be part of this revolution all you need is call or visit us in Passaic, NJ. Let us handle your paving needs at a fair price.