Patio Pavers in Passaic, NJ

Installing the Perfect Patio Pavers in Passaic, NJ.

Pave your driveway to the best project and give your landscape a new look before into stunning ever-after. With our paving stones, paving slabs and accents, the outdoor space you dream of is closer than ever. Whether it is a custom patio or anything else that can be fabricated from pavers, NVN Paving will give you the vibrant, rich, long-lasting color any landscape design should entail. Our expert designers are always ready to work with you to install the ultimate patio pavers in Passaic, NJ. At NVN Paving, we have a wide range of options and styles that you can freely choose from, whether for a new project or a refurbishing project. When you work with us, you will finally have the dream patio you longed for. Call us today for more information and you will always want to spend time in your outdoor space.

Patterns for Patio Pavers for your Driveway

At NVN Paving, we believe in designing the best outdoor spaces to show your unique sense of style and connect you with your home. Come up with your custom outdoor space for your patio pavers in Passaic, NJ textures, unique palette of colors and many styles we do have. Below are some of patio pavers’ patterns we do install;

Running bond paver pattern

In this kind of pattern pavers are installed in rows running in the same direction. There are many options you choose in this pattern, you can either choose a classic running bond or you choose a creative with boarders, color tones and pattern direction.

Herringbone pattern

In this pattern, rectangular pavers are laid in a zig-zag pattern. To make this pattern more appealing, you can consider adding a contrasting boarder along the patio edges.

Basket weave pattern

This kind of patterns utilize rectangular pavers to come up with block designs. Also we offer several options where you can alternate the color tones or laying direction to come up with modular designs.

Circular pattern

To achieve a circular pattern, the pavers are laid in a circular format. Though small spaces appear between the pavers, we eventually fill them with mortar or sand making the whole space uniform. To get a more appealing look we advise clients to mix this pattern with other kind of patterns available. Circular are most suitable for driveways or large patio areas.

When you make a decision for new patio pavers in Passaic, NJ its best you consider the several paver laying patterns available to come up with the best and unique paver design. Our professionals are always ready to help you make the best decision. Contact us today!

Durable materials to use for patio pavers in Passaic, NJ

There are a number of aspects you should consider before choosing the materials for your patio. First you consider cost, durability, style and installation difficulty. Below are some of the materials NVN Paving uses for patio pavers;

Pea gravel

This type of material is mostly popular in English gardens. Patios installed with pea gravel have a lovely, unique look and are easy to install. Also they cost is low. This material is made up of loose, smooth, earth toned stones.

Poured or stamped concrete

Concrete is one of the most used material when it comes to patio pavers. This is because it is the cheapest material you can use to install a hard-surface patio. This material pairs well with craftsman-style homes. Concrete can be designed to a custom patio easily. Concrete paving also requires special care as it will eventually fade, crack and wear down.

Concrete Patio Pavers in Passaic, NJ

These are pavers made from concrete stones and come in a number of shapes and colors. Unlike poured concrete, this pavers can be replaced individually. Concrete pavers are expensive but there are worthy it because their durable and easy to replace. Also they provide a better drainage because water can drain in between the pavers easily.

Brick Patio Pavers

Brick pavers give your outdoor space a classic look. Brick pavers can be installed in many different patterns to create a unique custom look. Bricks are eco-friendly and offer good drainage as water can flow through them. Also when it comes to repairs, brick are easy to as they can be easily be replaced individually.

Patio Paving Stone

These kind of patios are undeniably beautiful. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to paving stone patios. They are more durable as they can shift with the ground thus they won’t erode over time and it is highly unlikely for them to crack.

If you want patio pavers installed in outdoor space in Passaic, NJ, don’t hesitate to call us for the best unique patio pavers ideas.