Patio Pavers in Bergen, NJ

The Perfect Builder For Patio Paving in Bergen, NJ.

Are you looking for an outstanding look for your outdoor escape? Patio pavers are the best solution for you. A beautiful stone patio will give your home an awesome look and increase the value of your homestead. At NVN Paving, we can transform your backyard with the patio design and installation you are looking for. Patio pavers in Bergen, NJ provide the backdrop for landscaping, or anything else you may choose to include in your backyard. Our team is experienced and are the best in what they do. All of our patio pavers are visually appealing, add dimension and functionality of your outdoor living space. Our main goal as a company is to ensure we increase the value of your residence and curb appeal. Our team also can customize your patio pavers to deliver a vibrant design of your choice. Below are some of the patio paver patterns we do install;

Patio paver patterns

Coming up with the final decision on what pattern of patio pavers to install is always confusing for someone doing it for the first time. Because we do understand this, our team is always ready to help out our clients on making the best decision that enhance the looks of your outdoor space and provide you with an estimate for the cost to be incurred. At NVN Paving, we install different types of designs as stated below;

  • Herringbone pattern

In this kind of pattern, patio pavers are laid going in alternate directions creating a V shape. This kind of pattern is mostly used in large to medium sized spaces. Herringbone pattern has a great visual effect and also adds character to any outdoor space. We also offer options on whether to mix your chosen design with clay pavers as the boarder or in between to create an appealing detail. This pattern is strong and long lasting. We usually recommend this type of pattern for areas with heavy traffic like driveways, patios or walkways.

  • Basket weave pattern

This kind of pattern give your outdoor space a vintage look. To attain this pattern, the pavers alternate between vertical and horizontal pairs resulting to rows and columns that have an amazing effect. We also offer several choices of colors while installing this kind of pattern. This pattern is best for homeowners who need a vintage look for their space. This pattern is very durable and almost suits every outdoor space.

  • Circular pattern

This kind of pattern is made by laying the paver rows in a circular format. In this pattern the pavers may have small spaces between them but we fill them with sand or mortar. This pattern looks more appealing when mixed with other kinds of patterns. Circular patterns are mostly used for large patio areas or driveways.

  • Running bond pattern

This is one of the most common patterns used by many homeowners. It is an easy pattern to come up with, ease in installation and uses lesser amount of waste compared to other patterns. This pattern is achieved by laying the pavers side by side coming up with strong linear lines.

Before coming up with the final decision on what kind of pattern to install, we always advice our clients to be more careful as their option will have a big impact on the final look of their outdoor space.

Durable materials to use for patio pavers in Bergen, NJ

When choosing materials for your patio, we always advice our customers to consider durability, cost, style and installation difficulty. Stated below are some of the materials we use for installation of patio pavers in Bergen, NJ;

  • Poured or stamped concrete

This is one of the most popular and cheapest material one can use to come up with a hard-surface patio. It is the best material to use if you want to build a custom-shaped patio. Though it is initially cheap, it requires special care. Concrete is durable and pairs well with minimal traditional homes.

  • Brick

Brick patios give your outdoor space a classic look as it can be arranged in many patterns depending on your choice to come up with a unique look. They are environmental friendly because they are porous. Also they offer good drainage as water can easily flow through them. With proper maintenance, brick patios can last for over 100 years.

  • Stone

This kind of patios are undeniably beautiful. We use slate, bluestone, flagstone or limestone for stone patios, is up to you to choose the best that suits your outdoor space. Although stone patios are classic and elegant, there are expensive to use.

At NVN Paving, our main goal is to ensure your outdoor space looks more beautiful than before and also save you money when it comes to landscape maintenance. Feel free to contact us for the best patio pavers in Bergen,NJ and for their installation, maintenance and repair services.