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Paving Services in Paramus, NJ

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Driveway Sealing in Paramus, NJ

Driveway sealing is renewing an old driveway to make it look new again. Sealing driveways is a process that, if followed correctly, the outcome will please you. The seal takes about 1 to 2 days for it to dry completely. This is only when the temperatures are high. If the driveway has large holes, the first step is to fill them with a patch product and let them dry completely. Clean the driveway, then patch the cracks. Spread the sealant with a brush to create a thin layer. After drying, apply the second layer and allow it to dry. Those are quite some steps to follow. NVN Paving in Paramus, NJ, does this professionally. Contact us for more information.

pavement repair iconDriveway Paving in Paramus, NJ

It has never been fun to drive or walk on a rugged road. Avoid this by paving your driveway. It is pretty simple with NVN Paving company. NVN Paving in Paramus, NJ, paves their driveways using different materials like asphalt, which is the most preferred, and concrete. Avoid the struggle and pave your driveway.

nvn logoDriveway pavers in Paramus, NJ

Different pavers can pave your driveway, sidewalks, and pool surrounds. All the pavers have pros and cons. It all lies with preference and how much you are willing to spend. The most widely used driveway pavers are concrete and asphalt. Also, depending on the installation location, the materials must come in different sizes and shapes, like bricks. To know more about driveway pavers and the advantages and disadvantages of each, NVN Paving in Paramus, NJ, is ready to help.

asphalt pavers paramus nj
Simple, affordable, and quick to install. What’s not to like about asphalt?

Asphalt pavers in Paramus, NJ

Asphalt installation is so demanding. Some machines are used to even out the surface to avoid getting an uneven driveway with bumps. These machines are so expensive but very useful. NVN Paving in Paramus, NJ, uses wheel and track pavers, vibrator screeds, and tampers to achieve that finished look. Each machine serves a specific purpose, requiring experts to operate them. NVN paving company is the company to go for.

pavement company paramus nj
Our team in Paramus, NJ working on a concrete pavement

Pavement Company in Paramus, NJ

You should find a pavement company to offer quality services for repairs, maintenance, and installation services. Be careful also when choosing. You don’t want to pay more and get a rugged driveway. If you find one paving company and their satisfactory services, stick with them and be their client. NVN company is a professional service provider offering paving services. We have had the pleasure of working with a lot of companies as well as individuals. With each experience, our skills get better and better. Contact us, and you will not regret it.

asphalt paversPaving Contractor in Paramus, NJ

Contractors have become so many these days. Choosing the perfect contactor has even become a difficult task. Well, there is no ideal contractor. All these contractors have different levels of skills. To know who, research them and check the companies they work with. Feel free also to check NVN paving in Paramus, NJ contractors.

cheaperPaving Companies in Paramus, NJ

Just like the contractors, paving companies have also doubled in number. Some are good companies, and some are just starting. I bet you would prefer a company that has been there for a long time. The paving companies that are just beginning are cheaper, but the services offered are less quality than those with much experience. The ball will always be on your side to choose between the cost and quality. At NVN paving company, we go for quality while still minding your pocket.

patio paving
Patio paving at affordable rates and in plenty of styles!

Patio Pavers in Paramus, NJ

These are the best if not excellent, solutions when paving homestead exteriors and yards and wanting to get creative. Patio pavers come in different shades, sizes, and shapes. This is where the creativity comes in. They can be installed with different patterns ranging from the herringbone pattern, running bond, and basket weaves to the circular design. Patio pavers tend to create some illusion if the creativity is on point.

nvn pavingBlacktop in Paramus, NJ

The blacktop is a black material used to surface roads. Driveways should be adequately maintained to ensure the blacktop does not turn grey. If it does, resurfacing should be done. Employ us to help you with the maintenance and repairs. Your driveway will always be in good condition.

herringbone paving stonesPaving Stones in Paramus, NJ

Other types of pavers are made of minerals like limestone, bluestone, and basalt. It is used mainly in buildings due to its durability and beauty. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you love paving stones to pave your structure or pathway.

NVN paving company is always looking forward to working with you.