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There are a number of reasons that can lead you to sealing your driveway. Most driveways that need sealing are mostly damaged. This process refers to applying a liquid or molten element on your asphalt driveway to smoothen it. Other times it may be to fill voids, cracks, crevices and potholes that expose the underlying elements. Driveway sealing therefore is imperative for the life of every pavement. At all times, the base of your pavement should be exposed to sunlight, wind and water. These elements cut the life of a paving short. We, NVN Paving have been investing on driveway sealing or seal coating if you like. We have high tech equipment and well trained persons to deliver quality products and services.

driveway sealing
Seal coating is essentially lacquer for your driveway


Installing a driveway paving is momentous to every homeowner. If your driveway is smooth and all weather, you can attest to maintenance of your car staying down. We, NVN Paving in Englewood, NJ are pros at installing driveway paving. Over the years, we have gained plentitude experience to help make our services cutting edge. The impression your visitors get from your driveway determines how they picture you. You therefore need a good paving that isn’t only great to drive on but also eye catching. If this is what you aspire to have for your driveway, call us. Our prices are pretty much affordable and our services will amaze you. Our doors are always open to ensure reliability. We can convert you fantasy to reality. We are NVN Paving.

paving stones nj
Paving stones add an abundance of elegance to your driveway image


Paving is a long term plan for every driver. It’s an activity that you only do once in decades. This is the very reason it should be done in styles and quality. NVN Paving in Eaglewood, NJ is a maestro in manufacture of driveway pavers. For durability purposes your paving needs long lasting pavers. We have concrete pavers which are way better than just poured concrete. With the right installation, driveway pavers made of concrete can last up to three decades. This means that you are always driving on reliable pavers for a long time. Our pavers are laid in an interlocking manner. This gives the advantage of easy installation and hard surface that can stomach magnitudes of pressure. Our pavers come in different patterns, shapes, colors and styles to help you get what it is you like.

asphalt pavers englewood nj (1)
Asphalt paving done professionally!


Asphalt has come as a contingency plan for concrete. It has filled the gaps that concrete has been leaving. For this reason, asphalt has been overly consumed. The installation of asphalt is easy and it takes from 3-30 days to completely dry. This means you can use your asphalt driveway from as few as three days. Asphalt is also flexible and withstands harsh weather conditions better. Its drainage is easy and thus takes long before damaging. Those are just a tipoff the iceberg. At NVN Paving in Englewood,NJ we can give you more insight on asphalt paving. Consultation is free. We are pros at installing, repairing and upgrading asphalt pavements. We leave your paving good as new which appeals the eye and feels smooth to drive on.


Paving companies have increased in numbers especially with the current modernity. It’s easy to get your resources to the wrong company. This may lead to time and resource wastage. Reputation will always help you spot a good paving company. You can also check trading licenses and insurance cover to pinpoint a genuine paving company. At NVN Paving in Englewood. NJ, you will get quality services in good prices. We aspire to continue installing, repairing and upgrading pavements.

patio pavers englewood nj
NVN Paving will come up with a patio design that suits both your taste and budget!

PATIO PAVING in Englewood, NJ

If you have considered installing a new paving on your patio, remember to call NVN Paving in Englewood, NJ. Over the years, we have installed pavements in patios both in commercial and residential contexts. We have different materials, styles, colors, designs and patterns for patios. We ensure to leave your patios looking great and durable. If you are long term oriented, this is it. We can deliver a long lasting solution at a good financial consideration. All you need is to call or visit us. Our offices are always open for more info.

blacktop paving englewood nj
A blacktop finish for your driveway catches the eye…for all the right reasons!

BLACKTOP in Englewood, NJ

The installation of blacktop entices the eye. This is more so for visitors. If you aspire to have a pavement that appeals the eye and also feels great to drive on, NVN Paving is the company to call. We are well equipped to ensure we provide a long lasting solution for your paving. You can be an icon of paving to your neighborhood. All you need is a partner that can establish your thought. We pay attention to all specifications and also give recommendations. Blacktop is a priority for many drivers. We can help you out.