Driveway Paving in Passaic, NJ

Improved Outdoor Appeal with Driveway paving in Passaic, NJ.

A paved driveway is an investment that increases the value of any premises and adds instant curb appeal to your home. That’s why you need to hire the best contractor to pave your driveway, for quality work. Our reputation is based on the quality of our work. We always put our clients’ needs as our first priority and guarantee that all the jobs that we partake will be performed to the highest standards and meet your expectations. At NVN Paving, our main aim is for all clients to be satisfied. We offer a wide variety of services when it comes to paving projects. From commercial driveways and parking lots to residential driveways. We can partake any driveway paving project while taking pride in the quality of our work. We are always happy and ready to provide any driveway paving evaluations and free quotation upon your request.

Driveway paving in Passaic, NJ.

At NVN Paving, we have professional staff who have over a decade of experience and can perform any driveway paving project with efficiency and skill. Our number one priority is quality workmanship, so we are assured you will be satisfied with any of our services. From new paver driveway installations to paver driveway repair and maintenance, NVN Paving can do it all. We do care about our clients and every paving project is just as important as if it were our own. We ensure we provide each client with exactly what they asked for. Our paving jobs are always clean and timely, so you are assured no extra cost will be incurred trying to rectify our work. Call us today!

Types of driveway paving in Passaic, NJ

Driveway pavers play the most crucial role to how one views their premises. There are many types of driveway pavers in the market today that can match and complement the color, pattern, style and texture of your home. At NVN Paving, driveway pavers are grouped into four main types;

Concrete driveway pavers

These are the most popular driveways among many homeowners as there are cost effective. Also they can be customized to one’s liking. Unlike other poured concrete, our concrete pavers won’t crack. We ensure that every concrete driveway pavers we install, lifts the appearance of your premises.

Asphalt paved driveways

These type of driveways are not that expensive to install. When it comes to asphalt driveways, color choices are limited. Also there are long-lasting if there are well maintained.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways

Also known as stamped concrete. This kind of driveways are long-lasting, and extremely strong as they can hold heavy traffics and require very little maintenance. Also they offer a variety of ideas for your new driveway, with a range of patterns, colors, styles and designs to choose from.

Cobblestone or brick driveways

These type of driveways are not very common as they were in the past. They are expensive because they do require to be installed by a professional. Also they become very slippery when wet.

Call us today to get more information on the type of paved driveways we do install.

Benefits of driveway paving in Passaic, NJ.

Everyone loves a beautiful home with a nice driveway. Driveways play a big part to appeal to the beauty of your home. There are a lot of benefits of paving your driveway. Below are some of the benefits; first a paved driveway provides comfort to you during rainy seasons as one completely avoids mud. Secondly a paved driveway increases the value of your home and curb the appeal. Paved driveways are extremely durable and can handle heavy traffic without getting damaged.

Residential driveway paving in Passaic, NJ.

From small residential driveways to large commercial parking lots, NVN Paving is your go-to pavement company for the best paving services in Passaic, NJ. Our professionals are highly qualified and experienced in all paving works. Also there are equipped with state-of-art equipment and machinery to perform paving works without any hitches. No project is too small or too big for us, we do take all projects. You can trust our professionals to take care of you and your family’s paving needs. Contact us any time as we are available 24 hours day for our clients. No matter what time it is give us a call and let us handle any problem you may have. We also try to accommodate any budget and all of our prices are fair and reasonable.