Asphalt Paving in Bergen, NJ

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Most drivers pride in good looking pavements that lead to their homes and workplaces. Initially, concrete, tiles, gravel and bricks have been used to develop pavements in and out of homes and businesses. Today, asphalt paving has made a substantial cut at this front taking down concrete, sand, gravel and brick paving. As NVN Paving, we know the reason to that. Asphalt paving is easy to install and maintain. This keeps your maintenance budget at bay. Over time, we have been able to be the best paving company for asphalt paving in Bergen, NJ. Its popularity has unveiled giving us the right experience and exposure to deliver it to willing clients. In New York, we are based in New Jersey, Bergen and Passaic.

Asphalt paving service areas

Asphalt Paving in Bergen, NJ

The impression your driveway gives to visitors says a lot about you. If a pavement is full of cracks and potholes, you will be forced to move in zig zags. Sometimes, you may be forced to trail out of the pavement for smoother driving. We, NVN Paving can help you out of this. We are experienced for asphalt paving in Bergen, NJ that delivers quality products and services. Asphalt paving always tops the to-do list of many drivers. It’s not in vain to say that it’s flexible, quick to install and cost-effective. This way you don’t have to draw a new budget for the solution is still within the margins. We are able to deliver our services with minimal disturbance to the pavement users. This will save your time and resources to be better spent in more pressing projects.

Concrete Paving Vs Asphalt Paving In Bergen, NJ

These two materials are the leading paving elements. Paving is undeniably healthy for both short term and long term projects. Let’s compare asphalt and concrete to understand why asphalt takes the crown home.

  • Flexibility – Concrete pavements are most likely to crack in case of heavy pressure being exerted for long time. For asphalt, the chances are negligible.
  • Cost – The manufacture of asphalt is easy. With just sand, stone and tar, you can obtain asphalt. Concrete on the flipside involves a complex process to manufacture.
  • Installation – Asphalt is one of the easiest pavements to install. Laying it is easy and take about three days to allow passage. Installation of concrete is intricate and takes time to use.
  • Strength – Rock salt and ice melts are more likely to wear-up concrete pavement unlike asphalt. Thus, during winter, asphalt stands stronger than concrete.
  • Repair and fixes – With the use of asphalt, fixing and repairing asphalt can be done with eyes closed. The repair of concrete nonetheless requires an expert to deliver.

Even with those advantages, asphalt still feels smoother to drive on than concrete. It suffices to say asphalt beats concrete in the paving campaign. Order yours now.

Install Asphalt Paving in Bergen, NJ

Asphalt installation is easy as riding a tricycle. With just some little guidance, any layman can make it work. First of all, it has to be installed when it’s molten. Just before that, you have to lay a base. This forms its foundation and has to be done right for durability. Otherwise, the pavement may be bumpy or not level. In a span of 3-40 days, the asphalt dries. This duration depends on the temperature around that area. At this time, vigorous driving e.g. drifting and sharp turning isn’t allowed. It’s crucial to do the installation right as it determines the service life of an asphalt pavement. Our prices are fair tallying with quality service delivery. Our presence in Passaic, NJ and Bergen, NJ can’t be ignored.

Best Time To Install Asphalt Pavements

Asphalt is temperature sensitive. The best time to install it is summer and spring. As said earlier, it need warm temperatures for better transition from molten state to solid. Hostile weather e.g. heavy downpour, storms and hails can affect its condition especially if it’s not fully cured. Consequently, this may cause development of potholes, worn out pavement edges and bumpy pavements due to uneven drying. For this reason, winter is the worst of times to have it installed. The thickness of an asphalt layer also determines how long asphalt takes to dry completely. This is exactly why you need to consult a certified and experienced contractor. Paper work may lie but the result speaks volumes. Call NVN Paving any time or visit any of our offices here in New York.

Asphalt Repair in Bergen, NJ

As said earlier, the installation process impacts on the service life of every asphalt paving. Shambolic work cuts its life short while our work at NVN Paving ensures its full potential. This is the very reason the base has to be laid properly. Vigorous driving, running water, storms and hailstones can destroy asphalt especially if not dry. Bamboo plants are also to be planted far away from asphalt pavements due to their adverse effects. In case of destruction, we, NVN Paving are here to render expert repairs. We have well trained technicians with the best skills for asphalt paving in Bergen, NJ. Our prices are pocket friendly. We can make you dream a reality. We are NVN Paving.