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Before embarking on any paving project either at your residential or commercial premises, they are a few things you must know and consider to make sure the project runs smoothly and the final product is of high quality and eye catching. The first thing to take into consideration is making a decision on the space to pave. You have to know the dimensions and form of the space you’re going to pave. These will enable you know the paving material to use, quantity of materials to be used, the amount to use for the whole project and lastly the final look of the paved space. Here at NVN Paving we help our clientele with all these before we embark on any paving project.

Patio paving in New Jersey.

Patio paving can either enhance your gardens look or diminish. So one has to be extra careful while choosing the right paving for your patio. High quality patio paving is worth it and can serve you for many years so it is advisable to choose well. If you’re about to planning to design your patio, updating your driveway or planning a garden path, here are the things to consider:

The paving material to pick

Most paving contractors use three common materials namely; bricks, granite or oak. So it’s good to consult from a professional so as to choose the best material for your project.

The paving style to opt for

Paving stones can come in different styles which include; brick, tile, antique cobble, weathered stone, slate, flagstone or old world cobble stone.

Paving Stones Pavements in New Jersey
Install new concrete paving in New Jersey. Let us lay new paving and driveway pavements for commercial and residential pavements
Concrete Paving in New Jersey
Install new concrete paving for your driveway pavements.

Paver texture options

There are many textures to choose from, which include

Asphalt paving non-tumbled, tumbled, embossed, slate, tumbled and embossed, and flagstone.


Color is a major consideration to check on so as it can match with outdoor space features. The most used is earth tones which is available in the following colors: cream and brown, sandstone, limestone, gray and charcoal and terracotta, brown and cream.

Paver Laying pattern

There are various laying patterns to choose from. The most popular ones are ashlar, herringbone, runner and random ‘1’.

Driveway Pavers in NJ

Pavers are flat pieces of stones that are usually arranged together with a particular pattern on your outdoor space or a path. There are also referred to as paving stones. There are mostly used for outdoor flooring. Very alike to tiles they are manufactured in various factories and come in a variety of features which are shapes, colors and size. The get installed on site on compact based soil or sand. Pavers don’t consist of grout between their joints, they have a permeable surface which allows water to pass through them. Pavers can be installed on patios, walkways, driveways, gardens and also swimming pools. Different types of pavers have their benefits and one can choose which kind to use considering your paving project needs. At NVN Paving, we offer all paving services and detailed information on any paving project from our professionals.

Paving stones
Add aesthetic appeal to your pavements and parking lots with beautiful paving stones.
New Jersey Asphalt Paving
Using a compacting machine to grade paving ground for your driveway paving.

Driveway sealing in NJ

Seal coating asphalt parking lot, driveways, and other paved areas is the process of applying a liquid product over an already existing asphalt pavement in a way that it seals any voids and cracks on the pavement. If the pavement is left unsealed it can be affected by several factors like sunlight, wind and water causing the asphalt surface to harden and oxidize resulting to the asphalt becoming more brittle thus leading to cracks and voids forming. Over a number of years asphalt paving can be extensively damaged if it is not periodically resealed. There are two types of products mainly used for seal coating namely; asphalt emulsion coating and coal tar sealers. The second one is a bit economical but requires more product management when the application is being carried out.

If your concerns are about chemical spill and fuel this is the best to use. Asphalt emulsion sealers are the best to use as their application is easy and eco-friendly because they emit a low amount of volatile organic compounds than the other common coal tar based products. However its protective layer is prone to chemical or fuel spills. Whichever sealant you choose to use, high levels of solids in the sealant show that its quality is higher. But it’s advisable to verify the manufacturers’ recommendation before purchasing the sealant.