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NJ Paving Trends 2024: What’s Hot in Driveway and Patio Designs

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Trends come and go, and what used to be red hot one year will be out of touch the next.

Like many homeowners in New Jersey planning a patio or driveway project in the new year, you want to ensure the products, designs, and colors you use are on-trend, hot, and, most importantly, add value to your property.

At NVN Paving, your contractor will have their collective fingers on the pulse of the hottest trends in the outdoor design industry.

A top-rated paving contractor in New Jersey, our team can help transform your outdoor space from outdated, drab, and boring into an elegant space that will exceed your expectations.

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Top Driveway Trends for 2024

Incorporating the perfect mix of aesthetic interest and durability is paramount to creating a functional, elegant driveway.

Driveways truly are the centerpieces and focal points of many front yards, and you want no detail left to chance.

Wow your neighbors while increasing your home’s value by sticking to these hot 2024 driveway trends:

japan style driveway paving colors

Add Visual Interest With Unique Patterns and Colors

Have your heart set on a paved driveway? Look to the color of your house as inspiration while choosing the color for your modern driveway pavers.

Take advantage of your contractor’s unique skills by opting for a complex pattern, such as herringbone, running bond, block lattice, and basketweave.

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Seamlessly Blend Your Driveway With Your New Jersey Landscape, Flowers, and Plants

Clients are always looking for ways to incorporate their driveway into the rest of the backyard.

Flawlessly fuse your asphalt, crushed rock, gravel, or paved driveway into the surrounding landscaping with flowers, shrubs, or seasonal plants.

Porous pavers or stones allow greenery to grow through them and can be used on the outer edges of driveways to create a consistent finished product.

asphalt is the most popular paving today

Homeowners Want Sustainability: Asphalt Is Still King!

Using sustainable products will never go out of style!

Asphalt requires less energy to manufacture, is often manufactured from recycled materials, and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

Contact us today to learn more about the fantastic benefits of asphalt for your home improvement project!

driveway stones that you'd like to keep out of them

Avoid These Driveway Trends That Are On Their Way Out

Driveways are available in a variety of styles and colors, and you would be amazed at how quickly once-trendy designs can go out of style.

Avoid making your modern exterior look drab and dated by steering clear of these unpopular driveway trends:

  • Oversized statues: Want to adorn your driveway? Stick with smaller, more delicate statues instead of massive lions, griffins, and gargoyles!
  • Hefty gates: Gates are a great way to secure your property, but instead of massive bulky gates that are tricky to open, opt for a lighter material and state-of-the-art gate openers.
  • Messy gravel: Gravel is a great, inexpensive product, but it needs to be compacted and maintained correctly; ensure your gravel stays put with regular assistance from the team at NVN Paving!
  • Artificial finishes: Metallic finishes and accents are out and have been replaced with more natural products, including stone and wood.

trendy outdoor spaces for friends and family

Create a Trendy Outdoor Living Space With These Hot Patio Designs

You live your life outdoors and want to create an outdoor living space that combines beauty and functionality.

At NVN Paving, we can help you plan the perfect outdoor living projects your friends and neighbors will be excited to visit!

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Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces With Pavers

Patio pavers are the perfect material to blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Choose a material that is hearty enough to withstand the nasty New Jersey winters but also works with your indoor aesthetics.

Natural stone is a great choice that is not only on-trend but also works with your indoor and outdoor living areas.

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Patterned Patio Pavers Are All The Rage in the New Year

Don’t confuse patterned pavers with a paver pattern, as those are two different things; the patterns we are referring to are painted or stamped on the pavers!

Yes, a unique pattern is a great stylistic choice, but if you want to add drama and interest to your backyard, opt for pattern patio pavers, including flower, geometric, and medallion patterns.

covered patio project in new jersey

Covered Patios Allow You to Enjoy Your Backyard Space In All Seasons

No matter what the season, you want an outdoor space you can enjoy during the height of summer, a cool fall day, a crisp winter morning, or a rainy spring afternoon.

Don’t want to disrupt the flow between your home’s exterior and interior but still want to enjoy your outdoor space during all four seasons?

The best option is a beautiful, functional, covered patio.

Are you worried about the chill of a typical New Jersey winter?

Add screen panels or an outdoor heater to transform your paved patio into a four-season space!

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