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Driveway Pavers in Bergen, NJ

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We are choosing The Perfect Driveway Pavers in Bergen, NJ.

A paved driveway is a valued investment that adds instant curb appeal and increases the value of your home. NVN Paving Company is always guaranteed to do the job right. We got the best selection of products to match everyone’s unique personal style and all the resources needed to ensure the project is done right the first time. We have been providing paving services for the last decade, so you can be sure we will provide the best services. Our offices are in Passaic, Bergen, and New Jersey; you can visit us to view our many options for paving products and styles. Also, our staff will help you with any information you may need on driveway pavers in Bergen, NJ, and their related services.

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Professional driveway paving here in NJ.

Driveway paver styles

Everyone has that unique personal style that one may like to view daily. NVN Paving Company paver styles and designs look stylish and durable with easy maintenance. We have a wide range of paving styles to choose from, and it is your choice to select the best type that meets your needs. We always turn your driveways or backyards into works of art. We proudly service Bergen, Passaic, and New Jersey, and all our designs are stylish and sharp while at the same time maintaining functionality and comfort. Most of the available styles are two that are smooth and brand new and ones that appear weathered and aged. Call us today for more information.

Herringbone paving patterns are quite popular among residents

Laying Driveway pavers in Bergen, NJ.

There are many paver laying pattern options one can choose from for their driveways. One may pick one that rhymes with the exterior looks of their premises. At NVN Paving, we have a variety of options. The most durable and traditional option is the herringbone pattern. It provides the best interlock to prevent the pavers from moving. Also, an ashlar pattern is effective for residential or places with heavy traffic and has a more appealing look. A basket weave pattern is more appropriate for residential driveways but unsuitable for commercial purposes. If you choose permeable pavers installations, using herringbone or ashlar patterns is best. Contact us today for driveway pavers installation in Bergen, NJ.

60mm pavers
60mm pavers allow for lighter and swifter installments

Driveway paver thickness and base

Most driveways have been constructed using 80mm pavers. However, most contractors use lighter 60mm pavers with a thick base these days. In areas where the climate is always wet, it is best to use pavers with a base depth of up to twelve inches because the soil may shift when wet. Using a layer of geo-fabric between the ground and the pavers adds extra protection from any shifting. For residential driveway pavers in Bergen, NJ, one can use 30mm thick pavers if the climatic conditions are not always wet. Our professional civil engineers always come to assess your place and advise on the best paver thickness and base one is supposed to use. At NVN Paving, we have the best quality driveway pavers in Bergen, NJ.

paver patterns and boarders
Choose patterns and borders that contrast well and add a personal touch

Paver color and border options

Regarding paver color and border options, we have a variety to choose from. Natural stone pavers for residential driveways have a few ranges of colors which are mainly gray and brown. Concrete pavers have the broadest range of color options to choose from. Brick pavers also have an incredible range of colors. At NVN Paving, we also offer selections where we can customize the color tones per the client’s request, giving your driveway an attractive mottled look. We work with our clients to customize their creative design ideas regarding border options.

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Driveway Paver embellishments

Do you live in Bergen and are trying to find a driveway style and installer you can trust? Look no more, as NVN Paving is the best and leading in driveway pavers in Bergen, NJ. We ensure your drive is in its best condition and remains as good as new. For unique looks for your driveway, we create focal points using pattern embellishments. Some of the focal points are the driveway entrance and the garage apron. Using a circle kit to create a classic focal point, we can add character to paver driveways. This is the most traditional way. For contemporary focal points, we make them using rectangles or squares is up to you to choose which best suits your paver driveway. Lastly, we use circle kits to create a fan or fishtail design if you need a Romanesque look.