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Blacktop Services in Bergen, NJ

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Using Blacktop For Driveway Paving in Bergen, NJ.

Are you need of driveway paving in Bergen, NY? Look no more, we can help. At NVN Paving our asphalt professionals can take care of any of your blacktop needs. We have specialized in installing high quality and elegant blacktop in Bergen, NJ. This kind of drive ways are an asphalt overlay over an existing driveway area. Blacktop driveways are durable, functional and long-lasting when there are installed in the proper way. We send our team to your place, and explain the various kind of options available for your driveway. We then inspect the whole area where the installation is to be done and ensure it is suitable for a blacktop installation. After this process we provide you with a free estimate. We hope you choose NVN Paving  as your Bergen blacktop driveway installer. We always strive for 100% output on every task we peer take. Call us today for our services.
blacktop paving
Blacktop paving in Bergen NJ

Benefits of Using Blacktop in Bergen, NJ

Use of blacktop driveways has a lot of benefits; below are some of them;

fastFast and easy to install

Installation of blacktop driveways takes a short period of time, one to two days, depending on the size of the area the installation is taking place. Comparing blacktop installations to other types of materials like concrete typically take twice as long to dry.

durableBlacktop is relatively durable

Blacktop surfaces are not subjected to surface flacking that occur due to poor installation, substandard preparations of the mixture and also the application of salt to melt snow and ice, unlike concrete. Due to its flexibility, blacktop driveways are less likely to crack over time compared to pavements.

cost effectiveLower maintenance cost

Maintenance of blacktop driveways is cheap compared to other types of materials used for driveways. If your blacktop driveways starts to show some lineal cracking, you can fix the cracklings easily and it is inexpensive. The products used to repair blacktop surfaces are readily available through home improvement retails and are not that expensive. Also their application is easy. Regular maintenance of blacktop driveways increases their life span

winter weatherBlacktop pavers offers additional benefits

An additional benefit of blacktop pavers is that its black color absorbs and retains more of the sun’s heat. In cold seasons this will fasten the process of snow melting that it could on a concrete driveway. Blacktop pavers improve safety in both residential and commercial premises, thus the maintenance of your premises is cheap.

rain damageBlacktop pavers can handle harsh conditions

Other types of pavers may get damaged during winter, when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Blacktop pavers are less likely damaged in such conditions.
Tar and chip driveway
Tar and chip gives your blacktop driveway a gravel effect

Blacktop driveway paving ideas

Blacktop pavements are used in a range of different applications because of their durability, cost effective, easy installation process and strength. Blacktop is composed of gravel, bitumen and water. The main material that make up the black top is petroleum products. Due to the shortage in petroleum products, blacktop is becoming less popular among people. Also many think it can’t have that elegant look. Below are some ideas to make your blacktop driveways look stylish;

Tar and chip driveways

This kind of driveway resemble the look of gravel mixed with asphalt. It is an asphalt drive that comprise of stone aggregate seeded into the surface. It looks much lighter and natural than plain asphalt. They provide the best traction but difficult for snow removal.
Colored and stamped blacktop driveway
Blacktop can be made to look like brick paving

Colored and stamped blacktop driveways

This type of driveways utilizes techniques that make it possible for the creation of colored and stamped blacktop driveways. Although blacktop is black naturally, it can be colored with different shades to come up with the desired colors. Also blacktop driveways can be stamped using steel templates to look like stone, brick or pavers.
Recycled blacktop
Recycled blacktop

Recycled asphalt driveways

This option of recycled asphalt driveways has become more popular nowadays. To attain this option, an existing blacktop surface is broken up to small pieces the size of gravel, which later are re-laid as driveway paving. Because they are many oils in the surface the small pieces of the blacktop will bind up together with time and become more cohesive that regular gravel. Recycled asphalt driveways are cheaper to install compared to new ones. For all of this services come to us and we will do what we do best at your place. NVN Paving is a full-service blacktop paving and repair contractors serving both residential and commercial clients in Bergen, NY. Our team is skilled, experienced and hardworking. We provide you with a complete range of services involving blacktop in Bergen, NJ. Call us today for free estimate.