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Asphalt Paving in Passaic, NJ

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Considering Asphalt Paving Installation in Passaic, NJ.

There’s nothing that brings joy than driving on a smooth driveway. This way, you don’t have to take unnecessary negotiations on the path. 4This also keeps the maintenance of your car at bay. With asphalt paving, you can have the driveway of your dreams brought into reality. At NVN Paving, we have the right equipment and expertise to ensure we deliver beyond expectations. We are situated here at Passaic, NJ ready to install asphalt paving in Passaic, NJ. Our prices are pocket-friendly and we ensure your driveway looks great. Long gone are the times concrete, bricks and gravel pavements ruled the paving world. With asphalt, your driveway looks good, smooth and is long-lasting. Call us today or visit our offices here in Passaic, NJ.
Asphalt Paving Installation in Passaic, NJ.
Providing business and residential asphalt paving services

steamroller iconAsphalt Paving in Passaic, NJ.

Over the years, concrete has been known to be used in the paving of driveways. With time, the popularity of asphalt has caused huge competition. It’s no wonder that currently, most driveways have asphalt on them. Asphalt installation is convenient with cost and savings. When it comes to resources, you don’t need to go against the odds of your budget. This way, you can save on your pocket. Beings easy to install, asphalt helps to save time. It only takes a range of 3-30 days to allow access. This means you won’t take long using diversions. The time it takes to dry depends on its thickness. To fully cure, asphalt takes a month. Before this, you aren’t allowed to take sharp corners or vigorous driving e.g. drifting. At NVN Paving, we can help you get your asphalt paving.
concrete vs asphalt paving
NVN Paving specializes in both concrete and asphalt paving

Concrete Paving Vs Asphalt Paving in Passaic, NJ

Asphalt and concrete pavements have always been a force to reckon with when it comes to paving. These two are the most preferred both having their own pros and cons. The final decision lies with you after we give you all the info. Most clients, however, prefer asphalt. This is why;
  • Flexibility-Constant pressure on a pavement can cause sinking or damage.
  • Asphalt, however, is more resistant to damage than concrete.
  • Cost-sand, stone, and tar are the raw materials for asphalt manufacture.
  • This makes it cheap due to availability.
  • Installation-It’s easy to lay asphalt.
  • It also takes at least two days to allow access to passage.
  • Concrete needs expert installation due to complexities.
  • Strength-During winter, rock salt, and ice melts are more likely to wear away concrete compared to asphalt.
  • Repair and fixes-The The repair of asphalt is easy and can be done by a layman.
  • Concrete needs expert delivery to repair.
In addition to those pros, it’s undeniably true that asphalt feels smoother under the wheels, unlike concrete.
Installing Asphalt Paving
Asphalt is easy to install but requires a professional hand

Installing Asphalt Paving in Passaic, NJ

Installing asphalt paving doesn’t involve intricacies and complexities. Even with some guidance, a layman can deliver. This, however, doesn’t mean that expert advice isn’t needed. Asphalt is laid on the driveway while molten. You first lay the base and ensure no bumps. This helps to mitigate the chances of bumps on the path. It takes a range of 3-30 days to fully cure. After just three days, the passage is allowed on the asphalt paving. However, sharp turning and vigorous drive modes e.g. drifting isn’t advised. They may deform the asphalt before it dries. At NVN Paving, we are masters in asphalt paving installation having decades of experience. Our engineers are well trained to ensure the delivery of products and services is second to none. Our offices are in Passaic, NJ. Visit us today.

sun iconBest Time To Install Asphalt Paving in Passaic, NJ

Asphalt has a high dependency on the weather conditions in a place. It requires warm to hot temperatures to ensure even drying and better quality. That said, asphalt is better installed during summer and spring. As mentioned earlier, asphalt is laid in a molten state. In that condition, no passage is allowed on the paving. For this, it demands at least 3 days to be passable by vehicles and people. Warm temperatures speed up it’s drying. The thickness of asphalt paving also determines the duration it takes to fully cure. Winter is the worst of times to install asphalt. Heavy downpour, storms, and hailstones destroy asphalt if it’s not fully cured. This may consequently cause bumping, cracks and potholes. At, NVN Paving we advise our clients. Don’t miss the chance.

nvn logoAsphalt Paving Repair in Passaic, NJ.

Asphalt is bound to crack, develop crevices and potholes after long use. This should however not worry you. We, NVN Paving, can restore your asphalt paving without breaking a sweat. We have the right equipment and expertise to ensure we deliver beyond your expectations. We do resurfacing and seal coating to have your asphalt smooth and attractive to the eye. Our prices are pocket-friendly to ensure you get the best and long-lasting asphalt paving. We are here in Passaic, NJ. Call or visit us.