Handy Tips To Repair Damaged Pavement

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How do you repair damaged pavements?

Repairing your pavement falls under the list of maintenance activities for your pavers.

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There are many benefits accrued from an adequately maintained pavement.

For instance, a properly maintained pavement will tend to last longer than a neglected pavement.

Alternatively, you get the most from your paving investment by carrying out routine maintenance.

Besides, you improve your curb appeal, maintain safe driving conditions, and in the process, you avert a bigger problem.

If you want to enjoy comfortable driving on your driveway, then you will repair the cracks and potholes on your driveway.

However, different materials will require different techniques for maintenance.

How can you maintain or improve your pavement, regardless of the material used?

Stabilizing your gravel driveway

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Gravel driveways are always the easiest to install, but the hardest to maintain.

These driveways will develop some ruts over time.

You might be tempted to fill the ruts with new gravel, but that only offers a temporary solution.

You will find yourself repeating this yearly, which is very expensive.

So, how do you improve the stability of your gravel driveway?

You can use one or three of the methods below:

Apply proper compaction and installation

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Whenever you are preparing to install a gravel driveway, you will always prepare a bed for the gravel.

A poorly prepared bed will show results of poor quality paving in less than six months from the day of installation.

So, why wait to find out if you can do it right from the beginning?

When preparing the structure, a good 12 inches below the surface of the driveway is an excellent place to prepare the bed. Remove any roots and plant materials.

Then, you will compact the soil using a plate compactor to ensure the gravel does not sink with time.

Then, install the sub-base and sub-grade layers before pouring in your gravel.

 Use some stabilizing fabrics

Sometimes, you make all the preparations and still notice some problems with your driveway.

The deterioration, in this case, is not because of the sub-grade preparation, but something else.

To resolve this, you can use a geotextile material, just before installing the subgrade layer.

This material creates a layer between the surface layer and the subgrade layers.

Consequently, less potholes and ruts are forming on your driveway.

Alternatively, you can use some stabilizer panels

These panels will provide a separation layer between the different layers.

Also, the panels hold the gravel in place, preventing a washout situation.

These panels have honeycomb-like structures that hold the rock in place, and a geotextile material that offers the separation.

The gravel goes over the panel, and the honeycomb-like structure traps the gravels in place.

It also absorbs some force from the vehicles, which then prevents rutting and pothole formation on your driveway.

How to repair a broken asphalt pavement?

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Asphalt is a preferred choice of material for pavements because of its long life and ease of maintenance.

It differs from concrete in terms of materials used.

So, when you are planning a repair service for your asphalt driveway, choose the products carefully.

So, when repairing cracks on your driveway, you can easily do it yourself.

First, you start by removing any weeds on the cracks formed.

Using a strong spray garden hose, clean the cracks to remove the soil, and any weeds lodged in.

Then, apply weed killers to inhibit the growth of any weeds.

Next, you can fill up the cracks with sand, that is if the gap is deeper than a quarter-inch from the surface.

After compacting the sand, you then apply the patching compound you got from the store.

Once it cures, you can apply the sealant and wait for it dry.

Repairing your brick pavers

Once you inspect your pavement and notice that there are some loose or damaged brick pavers, the next step is to start on the repair.

To do so, you need to mark the pavers so that you can reinstall them in the correct order, and replace the proper brick.

Next, you remove the bricks, clean out all the debris from the area, and apply a new layer of sand.

Once you are confident that the sand is level, by using a spirit level, you can match up the pavers.

By using a screwdriver or another even-sided tool, make sure that the space between all pavers is equal.

Then, pour in some sand on top of the brocks to fill up space.

With a soft mallet, tap the bricks into place and clean out the excess sand.

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