Best Pavers for Your Home


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Types of pavers for your home

When it comes to improving the condition, curb appeal, and maintenance of your home, you go for the long-lasting, attractive, and affordable solutions.

So when you want to repair your driveway, patio, walkway, or even backyard, you can go for a paver you like. There are a lot of pavers in the market.

All differ in terms of material, shape, feature, and color. So, when a client came to us requesting advice on the best to get for his home, we had a whole list of choices for him.

Paving stones on pavement terrace, construction details of cobblestone pavement blocks

He wanted a paver that would not only match his home but bring out a vibrant and attractive appeal to his house.

We explained the different types of pavers to him, showing him a sample of each.

Regarding their service to the client, we could not emphasize more than what our clients’ reviews said.

But first, what are pavers?

When you need to finish up your construction, be it the patio, the deck, the driveway, or even a walkway, and you do not want to use concrete, then pavers are your next choice.

They are slabs and blocks made of a wide range of materials used as an alternative for concrete in construction.

You can use pavers for your driveway, patios, pool decks, planters, fire pits, or even walkways. There are various types of pavers. They are in different categories. These include:

Bricks well-fitted to a home entryway
One of our recent projects on installing brick pavers for a home.
  1. By type of material
  • Brick Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Bluestone Pavers
  • Flagstone Pavers
  1. By paver features, color, and shape

Different types of pavers come in different materials, shapes, features, and colors.

By type of material

This is the main distinguishing feature when you need to buy pavers for your project.

They come in:

Brick Pavers

These pavers are molded from clay and baked in a kiln.

They come in a wide range of shapes and colors, allowing you a wide selection of arrangements for your project.

Brick pavers have a wide range of colors and shapes.

Also, the brick pavers are versatile, meaning that you can arrange then; however, you want to achieve the desired effect.

Besides, their main component is natural materials that you can reuse, making them a cleaner and eco-friendlier option.

However, Brick is fragile and easily cracks or chips off over time.

They also require a good base and constant maintenance, making them a bit expensive.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are not only easy to install but also come in a variety of colors.

Also, they are more durable than usually poured concrete.

Commercial Concrete services in NJ

On the other hand, they cannot hold color pigments for long, are high maintenance, and crack in extreme temperatures.

Concrete pavers, also do not last long due to the low cost of their materials.

Bluestone Pavers

If you are looking for an elegant and sustainable driveway or walkway in your home or office, then the bluestone is the material to use.

Not only is it durable, and can be shaped to any basic shape you need, but it also has an attractive color.

Also, you can easily use it alongside other paving materials with no problems.

However, the vibrant royal blue color fades with time, leaving behind a grey color.

Also, it is straightforward to buy counterfeit bluestone pavers, because you have no means to verify their quality.

Since they are hard to find, they are also expensive in the market.

Flagstone Pavers

driveway pavers in NJ
our team fitting pavers in one of our customer’s homes.

This is a type of sedimentary rock used for paving, more common in patios.

These pavers have a unique shape and are out in a place like a puzzle.

Since it has a thinner layer of materials, it is not suitable for high traffic areas like the driveway.

The flagstone has a non-slip texture, is durable, versatile in the field of landscaping and some in various colors and shapes.

They allow you to create any pattern you want for your home, adding a spectacular finishing to your home.

However, since these stones are used as they are, it is hard to achieve any exact plan you may have.

Also, despite their natural occurrence, they are hard to collect and transport, making them a costlier option.

Other materials used to make pavers include marble, travertine, porcelain, cobblestone, rubber, and even plastic.

By paver features

When you already chose the type of material you want

to use for your paper, you then have to decide how they will interlock.

This is highly dependent on the shape of the pavers you choose.

You can either choose ones that interlock naturally or the ones that require a slab for installation.

When it comes to the color of the pavers, you can choose from red, brown, light gray, dark grey, purple, blue, or ones that come in multicolor.

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