No. #1 Driveway Pavers in NJ

Having a custom driveway pavers in your home.

After more than forty years in active service, my dad decides it’s time to retire.

He has always loved New Jersey and has got a lot of attachment to it.

He was born in a small city, Cape May Sunset and had vivid memories of it.

Wallkway services in new jersey

My Dad and his family were always moving houses from one state to another.

However, he told us how he wanted his retirement home to be.

The things that stood out in his program were the compound, driveway, parking lot, and backyard.

We were earnest to grant his wishes and never compromised on anything.

Dad’s love for driveway pavers

He would tell us how a beautiful driveway with beautiful pavers tells a lot about a home.

“It exudes class and sophistication” 

Driveway Pavers in Bergen, NJ

He would tell us that beautiful driveway pavers are worth a thousand words.

The beautiful pavement is visually appealing and incases a property that is on sale; it would easily attract buyers.

We saw the sense in it since most of the homes listed on sale usually lack a touch on their pavements.

We were going to invest in the custom driveway to our preference.

So why choose driveway pavers for your home?

The main goal as to why you would consider using driveway pavers is to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Even more, the more appealing a pavement is, the more the value of the home.

Therefore, it is important to adopt the best designs, the best material for the pavers, the color of the pavers and so much more.

It is equally important to consider the daily traffic on the pavement.

patio paving-new-jersey
One of our team carefully follows through the pattern on paving a patio

Thus, you will have to choose a paver that will withstand the daily vehicular use without breaking, cracking or shrinking in.

Using brick for residential driveway paver

If you are going to settle on bricks as the material to use on your driveway, then you must be cognizant of the benefits that come with it.

Here is a rundown of the advantages that you will enjoy, majorly increasing the lifespan of your pavement;

  • Brick pavers are versatile in color and design
  • They are safe and robust
  • It can be used immediately after installation.
  • The paver is long-lasting and durable
  • The pavers are solid to withstand flood and weather hazards

Brick pavers come in a variety of colors

As a result, one has many options to choose from. Also, brick pavers have a natural shade since no chemical process is used to paint them.

Therefore, when one uses them, there is no worry of color fading from the material.

Whether one’s color intention is to add a contrast or complement the shade of the house, brick pavers readily grant that.

Brick driveway pavers are robust

The contractor further said that brick pavers provide a safe and robust surface to drive and walk on.

This is because of their rough texture, which renders them skid and slip-resistant.

Driveway Pavers
Installation of paver driveway

These features come in handy for properties in flood and heavy rainfall prone areas.

Besides, during winter, these driveways can be used without any accidents due to friction from the rough brick surface.

They could be used immediately after installation

The driveway doesn’t have to sit idle to dry as is the case for other paving materials.

Also, the installation process is so easy compared to other materials.

Driveway stone in NJ
Stone background and texture , Background from paving stones, irregular natural stones

Lastly, he said since bricks are produced naturally, they are eco-friendly and therefore safe for the environment.

Thus, when one uses them, he is helping Mother Nature by not poisoning or creating chemical hazards to her.

Paver patterns and border

Since paver installation will inevitably take a toll on your finances, it is important to make sure everything is right in place.

The paver design that you choose, should come into play with the border pattern.

It is believed that the color of your pavers should be similar to your roof.

Moreover, if you created a contrasting appearance of your paver and border pattern, then you would come up with a more appealing result.

A piece of advice, it is crucial to sit down with your paving contractor to ensure that your taste and preferences come into play.

After all, it is your home.

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