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I always like it when everything falls right into place.

I am the kind of person you would call a perfectionist!

I was walking around my neighborhood, and there is this home that attracted my attention.

They had a well-paved driveway that got me thinking about my home.

Even though I previously had thought about it, it never made much sense as it did.

I called my husband right at that time and let him know my line of thought.

“Hi Johnson,”

I said. He responded quite softly as always, almost putting me out of balance on how I could break down the whole idea to him.

“Our home looks too traditional, and I think it is time we had an upgrade. I do not want to put extra financial pressure on you, and I want us to consider driveway paving.” 

I was silent for a brief moment.


He called back. From his tone, I could tell he was convinced.

“I have also been thinking about it. Our patio is badly in shape, and we could also think about paving it as well. I will see the best pavement company call for the job.”

I was relieved and happy that he agreed.

But who do you hire for driveway pavements in New Jersey?

However, I had a checklist to go through in the entire project;

  • The company to hire for the job.
  • The structural design of the pavements
  • The final appearance of the driveway
  • Paving around my swimming pool, walkways, and sidewalks.
  • Decorating stones to be used and the pattern adopted.

I am hiring the best company.

Paving is not one of the run-on jobs.

You have to engage with professional pavement companies.

You will have to consider some aspects that make each of the contractors different from the other.

Even more, their level of experience, knowledge, and attention to detail is paramount.

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I jumped on the assignment to find a contractor for the job

. I made a checklist.

I am asking for referrals and recommendations.

Since I have seen other homes with pretty driveways, sidewalks, beautiful patios, and well-paved walkways, they were going to be my reference.

First, I am going to my immediate neighbor, where I had seen the attractive pavement.

Driving through the sidewalk was smooth, and my heart was running with excitement.

But this happiness would be unmatched with how it would feel driving through my driveway.

“Hi, Susie,”

I called out as I walked towards her.

“You have an amazing driveway, and would like you to refer me to the best driveway paving contractor.”

I went straight to the point.

“Wow! That is a brilliant idea.”

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She complimented.

“As you look around, you will see the good job that the company did here. It would be a great honor to recommend the same company to you.”

“Thank you so much,”

I sighed with relief.

When Johnson came home that evening, I had done my assignment and told him about NVN Paving NJ.

The structural design of Pavements.

Are you looking for a proper pavement?

Well, you have to think about several factors that will promote the lifespan of the driveway.

The design and how best you lay the materials, the machine you use for compacting, and the material to use on the surface play an important role.

The structural design should be able to carry the loads in and out of the home.

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I knew that I was going to have the best driveway since I had lots of soil for the subgrade.

My pavement was going to be the most solid driveway around.

When you have a well-structured, driveway, it should last you years of service.

On the contrary, when you have a poorly structured sidewalk or walkway, you might incur lots of extra cost on driveway sealing.

Selecting the best mixes for driveway paving.

For this, you will need the best machines for Hot Mixing Asphalt (HMA).

For a home’s driveway and parking lot, a dense mixture for the Superpave base will work best. For more appealing driveways, then a fine-blend mix is appropriate.

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To say the least, the contractor should have versatile pavement recipes for any location in my home.

The compaction should also be on another level.

Whether you are thinking about large or small projects, think NVN Paving.

With my home’s before and after-image, you can be confident that their level of expertise is high-end!

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