The best Driveway Sealing in New Jersey

Looking for the best driveway sealing contractor in New Jersey.

The long-awaited prestigious project manager position was here!

The new job required me to move to New Jersey.

This came with mixed emotions.

As much as I was happy to assume my new position, I was going to miss my home, friends, family, and colleagues.

I didn’t know what it would offer me in totality.

Would people be friendly?

What would my new home look like?

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Would I have the same beautiful driveway as I did in my former home?

All these questions and more came rushing in.

Phillip (I was to work with him) picked me up from the airport to my new home.

It was a beautiful house with a beautiful garden of flowers and vegetables.

However, the driveway was appalling.

So I asked Phillip how come to a beautiful house could have a poorly maintained driveway.

He said the previous occupant wanted it that way.

She loved gardening and didn’t care about driveways.

I told him I couldn’t wait to have it adequately revamped.

A proper driveway for me meant the world to me.

He promised to connect me to a paving company.

But what was I to look for?

  • Recent projects of the company on driveway sealing
  • The type of sealant to be used.
  • Whether to fix and install new driveway pavement.
  • The entire process of sealing it its totality
  • The estimated lifespan of the driveway after sealing.

I asked around for referrals.

I had 14 days to settle in before I could resume work at my new position.

So I knew I had to get my driveway paved properly, first thing.

The next day I moved into the neighborhood to see what happens and get to know my new neighbors.

One particular home struck me.

It had a beautiful driveway, well-paved walkways, and a beautiful patio.

I knew I had to use the occupants as my reference.

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So I went knocking on the front door, a beautiful blonde lady answered it.

I introduced myself and told her I was her new neighbor.

I was six blocks away from her.

I immediately complimented her house.

I told her how I had loved walking through her driveway and sidewalks, not to mention the beautiful alleys and flowers.

She said she loved them too and was so keen on how they are maintained.

How to hire a professional driveway sealing contractor in NJ.

I knew we loved similar things, so we automatically clicked.

I asked her for references on people that would revamp my walkway, perhaps the paving contractor she used since apparently it was a good job.

She sat me down and took me through the factors to put into consideration.

She was of advanced age and had moved houses several times, so she knew a few things I didn’t.

What looks for a driveway sealing company?

“Before you choose a contractor, you should consider the following,”

The level of experience should top your list. She told me to have a number of them and ask myself what sets each contractor apart.

If possible, I should ask them some questions to gauge their knowledge of their work.

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“A contractor that pays attention to detail can never be ignored,”

“After all, we are all looking for the best job done at the end of the day,” she affirmed.

finally, the charge/price should be able to eliminate some and retain others.

I couldn’t agree more. So she gave me a list of contractors she had worked with on a few projects.

I set out on my search for the best contractor for driveway sealing to work with.

One particular one stood out for me after two hectic days of constant questions and answers sessions.

They were NVN Paving NJ.

How to conduct a driveway sealing process.

They explained to me in detail; he said before starting on a driveway sealing, one needs to consider the structural design.

It gives the contractor the best way to lay the materials.

Also, machines used for compacting will determine whether the lifespan of the driveway will be long or short.

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He added that the type of material used on the surface, which gives it its finished look plays an important role.

He told me that a well-structured driveway should be able to carry loads to and from home for years.

He showed me the best machines they would use for Hot Mixing Asphalt, Superpave base, and fine-blend mix.

These different mixes put at different levels create the best driveway sealing that can last a lifetime, he said.

I knew finally that I had landed on a contractor to give my new home the look of a lifetime.

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