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Catch Basin Repair

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As a bustling New Jersey business owner, you are concerned with your bottom line, fixed costs, and margins.

Chances are the state of your catch basin is at the bottom of your priority list, but this is a big mistake, and the same goes for homeowners with a basin in their backyard.

Improper care for your catch basin is detrimental to Mother Nature and might leave you with a huge mess the city will expect you to clean.

Here is some invaluable information about catch basins, including their purpose, signs your catch basin is in serious need of repair, and tips on properly caring for your business’s catch basin by Bergen County Paving Company.

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What Exactly Is a Catch Basin?

A commercial catch basin redirects water away from public city streets, features a grate, and is typically found on the street in front of your business.

Residential properties also have catch basins that are usually used in conjunction with drainage pipes, including French drains, to redirect water away from the property.

There are subtle differences between commercial and residential catch basins, but both serve the same purpose: To collect water, dirt, and debris before they enter the public water supply through the main storm sewer line and to redirect water to prevent flooding.

Are Catch Basins, Storm Drains, and Storm Sewers the Same Thing?

Although most people use the terms interchangeably, there are differences between a catch basin, storm drain, and storm sewer.

Storm drains are just one type of catch basin found on a commercial property that redirects rainwater to ensure it flows into the public sewer.

Catch basins feature precast concrete, porcelain, and steel and are connected to sewers through a series of pipes.

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What Happens if the Catch Basin Fails?

Unfortunately, if the catch basin on your commercial or residential property fails, it can lead to many problems. For example, if the basin is not cleaned or receives the necessary repairs, it will become damaged to the point where it cannot divert storm runoff into the sewer system.

Standing water that cannot drain to the main sewer lines because of a faulty catch basin can lead to flooding. When a certain volume of water is not drained into the sewer system, especially after a storm, the ground will flood, causing more erosion.

Sediment settles on the catch basin, and the cycle of flooding, especially after heavy rain, continues.

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4 Signs You Need Catch Basin Repair or Replacement in New Jersey

The Catch Basin Poses a Tripping Hazard

When asphalt surrounding the catch basin begins to break down, the grate can sit higher than it should, posing a severe tripping hazard.

Additionally, when the grate is higher than the surrounding ground, standing water cannot drain properly, causing pollutants and stormwater to remain in a stagnant pool in your parking lot.

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Severe Signs of Deterioration

Collapsed or severely damaged catch basin sinks are an issue for several reasons. The basin cannot collect rainwater properly, causing the excess water to pool rather than drain into the main sewer line.

However, severe cracks and other types of damage in the basin sinking further into the ground can eventually lead to a sinkhole.

Foul Odors

If you have ever suffered a storm sewer break in your New Jersey home, you are familiar with the distinctively disgusting smell of rotting sewage.

When you walk past your residential or commercial catch basin and smell a similar odor, it is time to have it repaired or cleaned immediately.

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The Whole System Has Failed

The worst possible scenario has happened: The entire storm sewer system is in disrepair, and your catch basin has sunken into the earth.

Repairing or replacing the storm drains is a delicate and costly repair that a professional must handle to ensure the entire system functions correctly.

What Should I Do If My Catch Basin Breaks?

Be sure to repair your catch basin before the last minute; contact NVN Paving now. A professional should always handle a residential or commercial asphalt project.

Your commercial catch basin is subject to certain laws and regulations, and you need to remain compliant with your local New Jersey governmental rules.

Drainage System Repair services

What Should I Expect During My Drainage System Repair

First and foremost, only allow professionals who deal exclusively with drainage system repairs to handle the repair or upgrade of your catch basin.

Drain pipes, catch basins, and storm sewers degrade over time, and you should expect a storm drain repair every few years.

Here is what you can expect during your catch basin repair:

  • Removal of the existing catch basin.
  • Installation of concrete collar and adjustment rings with special equipment.
  • Repair any re-grout, plumbing, and connections between the catch basin and sewer system.
  • Installation of cast iron grate.
  • New concrete is poured.

The repair cost and requirements of commercial and residential basins will vary. For example, if you have a French drain diverting water into the catch basin in your backyard, it will cost extra to replace the drain.

For a commercial building with catch basins in parking lots, a larger catch basin is often required to divert waste and rainwater properly.

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Storm Sewers Break repair

Why Do Storm Sewers Break?

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, catch basins will fail. Sometimes, all it takes is heavy rainfall; eventually, the connection between the basin and the storm sewer system will fail.

All you can do as a homeowner or business owner is keep an eye on your catch basin. If you notice damage, contact a pro to handle the repair ASAP.

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Our New Jersey Customers Also Ask

What is the problem with catch basins?

Several problems with your catch basin can arise, from the basin sinking into the ground to the grate rising above the surrounding asphalt, leading to a severe tripping hazard.

The best thing you can do is keep a watchful eye over your catch basin, and if you notice severe cracks or breakage or a buildup of sediment, dirt, and debris in the grate, call in a storm drain repair company nearby.

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How do you seal a concrete catch basin?

Your professional concrete repair company will take on the task of sealing your newly installed or repaired catch basin.

Sealing involves the application of a waterproof silicone with a roller or paintbrush. Of course, you can periodically apply the sealant yourself, according to the package directions.

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Do catch basins get clogged?

Yes. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your New Jersey catch basin to become clogged, especially during the winter and spring when the snow is melting, and there is more runoff from your yard or commercial property.

Periodically clean your catch basin grate, and if you notice any standing water, call in a pro to thoroughly clean the system.

How do you keep a storm drain from clogging?

As a business owner, cleaning off the grate periodically is the best way to prevent clogging. When it comes to flushing or clearing out the clogged storm drain or catch basin, the best option is to contact a professional and leave the rest to them!