Paving in Clifton, NJ

For more than a decade now we have served the residents of Passaic, Bergen and New Jersey with the highest quality paving services. Our service record is incredible and our clients can assure you of our quality services. We are proud of doing our paving jobs right. Our years of experience in the paving industry ensures you that we have done almost every type of paving in Clifton, NJ. Our engineers have the experience, knowledge and are well trained to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with our work output. Make your driveways look beautiful and welcoming with NVN Paving Company. We offer free estimates and consultations on any paving services you may need. Contact us today for more information.

Driveway paving in Clifton, NJ

People usually create an impression of your home based on the looks of your driveway. At NVN Paving we have so many options when it comes to driveway pavers. From color, style, texture and patterns you can be sure that our work out put will be eye catching. We always make sure that your driveway is beautiful and durable enough to withstand the traffic without any damage.  We offer a wide variety of paving services from preventive maintenance to driveway repairs and new driveway paver installations. Our skilled and experienced professionals only use the highest quality and latest paving materials to perform any driveway paving job that you will be proud of. We ensure that we provide quality work and make sure that our clients are satisfied to the fullest. All our driveways are guaranteed to be long lasting and tough. Contact us for our advices and to arrange for a free estimate today.

Types of driveway paving in Clifton, NJ

At NVN Paving we make sure we enhance your premises curb appeal by helping you choose the right driveway for your home that will win every ones first impression. They are different types of driveway paving to choose from;

  • Concrete driveways are the most popular driveway styles. There are chosen most because they are long lasting and require less maintenance compared to other types of driveways
  • Asphalt driveways is another common type that people prefer. They have a vibrant black appearance that ensures your driveway looks clean and representable. Also it is cheap to get an asphalt driveway installed.
  • Brick driveways have an interesting look and usually makes very beautiful driveways. Brick driveways are expensive to install but worthy it because the do last for years or even decades if installed really well.
  • Gravel driveways have become a popular option for people this days. It is a simple way to make an upgrade from dirt driveways. There are easy and quick to install.

Benefits of driveway paving for your Home

Different paving materials have numerous benefits. Brick pavers are the best as they are really easy to install, safer to walk or drive on due to their rough texture thus skid resistant. Also they do have a variety of shades to choose from thus one can choose a shade that matches the external appearance of their home. When it comes to repair they are really easy to be restored back to their normal condition. Driveway paving gives any premises a more visual appeal. When you use the right kind of surfacing material the outcome will always complement your property. Different paving styles can be made in detailed patterns or shaped as per individuals taste. At NVN Paving we understand the need of informing all our clients with the benefits of all types of paving’s and offer advice on which is best for them regarding their purpose. Visit or call us today to get information on which driveway paver suits your needs best.

Residential driveway paving in Clifton, NJ

NVN Paving Company specializes in both residential and commercial driveway paving services. We help you transform your driveways into something admirable and unique. Also our driveways are durable and guaranteed to last for a long time. Rely on us for the best quality workmanship and quick turnaround. We use only the highest quality products for any driveway paving job. When contact us, we send our professionals to you for a free on-site evaluation and estimate. We always ensure our customers are fully satisfied that we will do what exactly they need. Our company is fully licensed and insured. All our staff are well trained, experienced and are knowledgeable with any emerging trends in the paving industry. Call us for a prompt response and the best prices.